Sense of order: start early!

It is something worthy of envy: children find learning much easier than us adults. Their thirst for knowledge and the ability to acquire things in a playful way are a real boon. Fortunately, this kind of playfulness can also be applied to activities that may not be fun per se, such as tidying up or keeping things neat. In order to ensure that later in professional life everything is literally in the best order, a child should start acquiring an effective system at school. Fortunately, with the right tricks this will be no problem!

Learning order as a game

Learning and working are much better in a tidy environment! Those who have already got used to filing documents neatly and organizing themselves according to a system at school will be well prepared for working life. Of course, a system can also be learned later, with tips, for example, from our interview with Brigitte Borchers. But during the school years is the ideal time for children to learn these soft skills. It is therefore important to promote the fun of keeping things in order at an early stage!

The joy of colour

You can do a lot to make sure that worksheets don’t fly around loose in your school bag or children’s room and ensure your child develops a sense of organisation right from the start. Here we present three important tips for getting started:

  • Avoid drawers and boxes as a storage location, as these tempt people to throw materials in carelessly. Instead, set up a compartment with stand-up files for documents. 
  • Let your children have their say: go shopping together for the books, folders and storage compartments your child needs to keep everything in order. Allow them to develop their own system. 
  • A practical and beautiful combination: one thing that attracts every child is their favourite colour. Colourful office equipment that makes it easy to keep things organised is available in practical formats, so that they are always at hand both at home and at school. Colourful children’s scissors from Dahle or the colourful and compact NOVUS MINI staplers can be quickly stowed away in the bag, are light and fun to use!

We have good news for those of you who have now gotten a taste for it and also want to bring a little bit of colour into their own organisation system: The Novus mini staplers of course also fit into the briefcase! Or you can create a motivational splash of colour on your desk in the form of a harmonious set of staplers and hole punches from theNOVUS Fresh Colours series. Our article on colour theory will tell you which colour suits you best. Enjoy keeping everything in its place.


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