Headaches: the number-one office illness

First of all: not all headaches are the same. There are just as many different types of headache as there are causes. Here, however, we are mainly interested in headaches that occur frequently in everyday office life. The main causes include poor ventilation and inadequate or overly glaring lighting. These are joined by incorrect sitting posture, increased stress and the related loss of sleep, too little hydration and excessively long periods staring at screens – especially if it is placed at the wrong angle or incorrect distance from the head. Internal tensions and arguments can also lead to tensions, resulting in a head hurting.

Ein gut ausgeleuchteter Arbeitsplatz hilft, Reize zu reduzieren und entlastet die Augen

Avoid headaches arising in the first place

As far as possible and identifiable, triggers for headaches should be reduced as much as possible. Here are 6 tips to help prevent headaches from ever developing in the first place:

  • Not too bright: A well-lit workplace helps to reduce irritation and relieves strain on the eyes. 
  • Let some air in several times a day – this ensures a sufficient supply of fresh air and a higher oxygen concentration, which promotes the ability to concentrate. 
  • Take regular breaks. It doesn’t have to be a long break, but a short break here and there reduces stress and brings relaxation. 
  • Ergonomic office equipment. From the ergonomic chair to improve sitting posture via the height-adjustable desk to the adjustable monitor holder, there are many ways to avoid cramps. Flexible monitor support arms, such as the Novus monitor support arms, make it possible to move the screen smoothly and effortlessly into the optimum individual position. 
  • Relaxation exercises can bring relief and alleviation of discomfort. Ideally, you should find a simple and effective exercise, that you can integrate into your everyday work. 
  • Last but not least, stress avoidance also helps. With good organisation and reduced distraction, you will be able to manage your work more effectively, avoiding physical and mental tensions.
Der Arbeitsplatz sollte intelligent gestaltet sein.

Fortunately, much of the discomfort of working at your desk can be avoided if you take a few things to heart. And this does not apply to headaches alone. A general overview and a clear recommendation for more movement is given in the article “Does working in an office make you ill?“. Do you also suffer from the all-too-common mouse arm? Then give your fingers a bit more variety!

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