Practical everyday helpers – served up on a silver tablet

Tablets are a wonderful thing: Bigger than a smartphone and more compact than a notebook, these practical and comfortable devices accompany us through our everyday lives. Whether at home or at work, in recent years they have become more and more important in all areas of our lives. But there is clearly still a vast array of potential applications left out there! How tablets can be used in style, e.g. in reception areas and meetings has already been discussed elsewhere. It all comes down to the stand and stance! And those aren’t the only places...

From the conference room to the kitchen

What is a tablet without a suitable holder? Endangered, for one thing! At least if we take it to the kitchen for an extensive cooking session. Whether for the lunch break on the following day, the tasty conclusion of a long working day or the special meal on the weekend: Tablets are so wonderfully suitable as digital cookbooks that it is nigh on impossible to imagine the kitchen worktop without them. Between bubbling pots and swirling blenders, however, the sensitive devices often run the risk of getting too much of a sample of the dishes. But who wants tomato paste on the display or flour in the cable aperture?

Keep your stance at all times

With the right stand, e.g. the NOVUS MY point, you know your tablet is always safe. This means you can be accompanied by video tutorials to help you prepare the 4-course-banquet, scroll through that promising new recipe step by step or simply turn up your favourite playlist for Michelin starred chefs in the making – your digital assistant will be safely enthroned above the action and will be spared from an involuntary tasting experience. A practical companion with which you can master both meetings and cuisine. There are probably even more possibilities to use the mobile stand – as flexible as it is, there are no limits! The modern design of the NOVUS MY point can be found across the whole series. Take a look at the NOVUS more space system and discover the perfect ergonomic and attractively designed monitor support arm solution for your requirements.

  • NOVUS MY point

    Mobiler Tablethalter praktisch für moderne Präsentation und Kommunikation

    Universeller Standfuß für Tablets mit einer Größe von 7 bis 10 Zoll (Klemmlänge 160 - 300 mm)

    10 Zoll-Tablets können wahlweise hoch oder quer eingelegt werden

    Eloxierte Aluminiumsäule mit stabilem Standfuß

    Dreh- und neigbar für Beweglichkeit auf engstem Raum mit Kreuzgelenk

    Tablethalter in der Höhe stufenlos verstellbar

    Höhe der Säule: 250 mm

    Lieferung inkl. zwei Kabelspangen