Great autumn craft ideas for children

Autumn crafting ideas

These crafting trends will brighten up your autumn

When it’s cold and wet outside, indoors becomes the place to spend your leisure hours. To keep you from feeling too cooped up, we’ve put together a few crafting tips for you. Whether you’re making spooky Halloween lanterns or cute pine-cone animals – crafting is even more fun with friends and family!

Use the sunny autumn days to take a walk and collect your own chestnuts, tree bark or pine cones. The harvest season provides great natural materials and is packed with occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or the upcoming Christmas period – so crafting isn’t just fun, it’s also a useful opportunity to create little home-made gifts.

DIY decorations and gifts are en vogue

Crafting is an excellent hobby for people of all ages. The Internet is brimming with crafting instructions using a broad range of materials, at various levels of difficulty, on a wide variety of themes and for every possible occasion. Making things with your own hands has been a growing trend for some time, and more and more people are giving it a try.

The crafting scene is ever-changing and always in motion: different creative influences give rise to new combinations and techniques employing new materials or unusual motifs. If you like to craft, you’ll of course be keen to try out new trends. We have put together a few autumn crafting ideas for you here.

Crafting with natural materials

Marvellous crafting materials grow on trees – and in the autumn, they fall at your feet. Chestnuts, acorns, coloured leaves or pine cones make beautiful seasonal decorations. Natural materials not only look lovely and harmonious, they also allow plenty of experimentation: you don’t have to worry about wasting expensive supplies. You can go wherever your creativity takes you, and if anything goes wrong, new materials are right outside your door.

Crafting with everyday objects

Old clothes hangers, that old glass vase gathering dust on the top shelf, books no one will ever read again: some things are just too good to throw away. And anyway, you’ll need the space for all your Christmas presents soon.

The sustainable trend is called “upcycling”: giving new life to old objects by using them for crafting. The old glass vase for example could become a light vase. Simply place a string of fairy lights inside it (note: the fairy lights should be battery-powered to avoid unnecessary cable tangles). You can add Christmas baubles, rose hip branches or little plastic pumpkins for a seasonal touch.

Books can be turned into tables or shelves: To make a side table, simply take several books, stack them on top of each other and fix them in place, for example with hot glue or small screws. To turn a book into a shelf, attach wall brackets to the book (to do this, open the book a few pages from the back or front and drill two holes into the book – that’s where you attach the wall brackets; stick the underside of the book on with hot glue). Now you can attach the book shelf to the wall with the wall brackets.

Painted or decorated clothes hangers make excellent and unusual wall decorations. Paint the clothes hangers with a shade of acrylic paint that matches your interior design. Decorate the hangers by e.g. draping an open magazine over them (with your preferred stylish motif facing outwards, obviously) or sticking dried wild flowers to them. You can attach fairy lights or wrap a garland around the hanger to suit the season.

Take a look around your home: there are sure to be a few things just waiting to be given a new lease on life!

Crafting holiday decorations

Crafters especially love making holiday decorations. The spooky season is just around the corner: Halloween is on 31 October. The perfect time to create an uncanny atmosphere at home! A cosy craft night with family and friends will get you in the mood for All Hallows’ Eve.

Crafting utensils for brilliant crafting results

To get excellent crafting results, a crafter needs good equipment. Functionality is crucial: the right scissors (or children’s scissors, if your kids are joining in), cutting machines, staplers and perforators make the crafting process easier, so you can focus on expressing your creativity. And if the crafting tools also feature an appealing design, you’ll enjoy your hobby all the more!