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Contact lenses or glasses in the workplace?

For some people, glasses are a stylish accessory to complement an outfit, whereas others swear by a more discreet non-disposable contact lens. But which is better and what are the crucial differences between the two? This is where we come in to help you make the right choice.  

Advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses and glasses

Glasses and contact lenses have a whole host of advantages and disadvantages. We have put together the key points for you to consider.

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Advantages of contact lenses

  • Unrestricted range of vision
  • Comfortable to wear – even when playing sport or relaxing in the sauna 
  • No expensive costs for special glasses
  • Visually discreet
  • Hard and soft options available
  • Option to change eye colour
  • Do not fog up or slip
  • Do not cause pressure marks
  • Can be combined with non-prescription sunglasses
  • No make-up-related problems

Disadvantages of contact lenses

  • The right contact lenses can be very expensive
  • Ongoing costs as new lenses and care products have to be purchased at regular intervals
  • Risk of eyelid inflammation caused by contact lens fluid or care products
  • Can fall out of the eye or even cause damage as they sit directly on the cornea
  • Risk of contact dermatitis in the case of excessive wear or low tolerance
  • Relatively tricky to handle compared to glasses
  • Good hygiene is especially important to avoid damaging the eye
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Office etiquette

Are you someone who always wears sunglasses outside whenever the weather starts hotting up? No problem! But you should always remember to take them off in the office or when speaking to colleagues and business partners whether you’re inside or out. If you don’t take off your sunglasses, you will quickly come across impolite – and you certainly don’t want that! Taking your glasses off when speaking to someone is a sign of respect for the other person. After all, it is only by picking up on other people’s facial expressions and gestures that we can build on our interpersonal relationships, and these are so important to our everyday working life. 

Spoilt for choice – glasses or contact lenses?

Many of us spend several of hours a day working on a computer. Long periods of screen time, however, can place our eyes under real strain to the point where corrective lenses are required. For many people, the question to consider is which option is best for them: glasses or contact lenses?

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