Design your own wall decals

Design your own wall decals

So you can easily design individual jewelry for your home

Everyday life is currently very dreary for many: Corona ensures that one day looks like the other. Are you longing for some variety? With individual wall decals you can design your walls, windows or furniture and thus give your home, where you spend so much time, a new personal touch. We have collected tips for you to design and make your individual wall decals. Our tip: Use a slitter winder for clean and aesthetic results!

Modern designs for your walls

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a design and you decide which design best suits you and your home: it can be minimalistic or unusual; from text to complex patterns, everything is possible. Minimalist designs are currently in vogue, consisting of several geometric elements that are coordinated in terms of color and arrangement. Numerous variations of the elements and colors always result in an individual result tailored to your wishes.

You can find more design ideas e.g. on Pinterest.

In four steps to a wall sticker

You should have this on hand:

  • suitable template (download here)
  • pen and ruler
  • self-adhesive film
  • slitter
  • squeegee for smoothing
  • spirit level
  • if necessary, a piece of clean fabric or felt

Step 1: Choose the shape and determine the motif

The perfect wall sticker for your home starts with your personal design: Decide on a design, e.g. B. optical illusions, and draws a sketch. This does not necessarily have to correspond directly to the size of the completed tattoo.

Step 2: transfer the motif onto the slide

Now adjust the template to your desired size: transfer your drawing onto self-adhesive film. Our template can be transferred to the desired scale by hand using a ruler.

Step 3: cut out elements

Cutting your wall decals works safely, quickly and conveniently with a Dahle 507 (for A4 formats) or Dahle 508 (for A3 formats) rotary cutters: the precise and useful format lines on the cutting board help you to make the cuts accurately to execute. The result is a guaranteed straight and clean cutting edge and you can shape the individual elements more easily than with scissors or a cutter.

Cutting with a rotary cutter is child's play: the knife cover guarantees enormous safety even for inexperienced hobbyists. For more unusual edges, there is an additional creative set for the Dahle 507/508 slitter rewinder. B. Perform perforations, folds and handmade cuts.

Step 4: arrange and glue elements

Once you have cut out all the elements of your wall tattoo with the reel cutter, the artwork can be attached to the wall. Place the ingredients on a clean, dry surface.

With the help of a spirit level you can precisely align the individual elements. Peels off the carrier film, then sticks the tattoo to the wall and smoothes it vigorously with a squeegee to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. The tattoo is done!

Tip: You can easily make a squeegee yourself. Place a piece of clean fabric or better felt tightly around a spine - then you can use the spine as a squeegee.