Styria Media Group Austria

What a high-quality monitor holder has to do with an all-round attractive workplace

Attractiveness in office buildings is a matter of opinion and, above all, very complex. The situation is more decisive for the façade than for the others; others look only at the interior, and finally they hold up most. In addition to the offices, there are also aspects such as a canteen in the house or appealing lounges and breaks. If you have frequent customers or other partners in your company, you are more interested in representative premises. You see, there is a lot to consider. If a company is now planning a new headquarters, it can also consider everything! This is exactly what the Styria Media Group has done and has launched a new era in the company's 110-year history with a 60-meter high office tower in Graz.

Multi-user systems in the workplace

Styria Media Group AG is one of the leading media groups in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. In addition to the long history, the company is still able to produce a whole new set of impressive figures after the construction of the new company headquarters. The total investment, the building houses eleven office days, is the heart of a multimedial newsroom, has an area of ​​2700 square meters and it Jobs were created for 1,200 employees. The Styria Media Center has a foyer where events can take place, a public restaurant with a terrace, a bank, a kindergarten and large parking lots. The icing on the cake is the skylobby with bar for meetings and events and a private terrace, which offers a wonderful view over Graz.

Multi-user systems create order

But let's go back to the employees, who finally have the most of a modern and thoughtful work environment in their daily work! For these, more precisely, the more than 200 newspaper and radio editors working in the newsroom on the first floor, a contemporary ambience with multimedial workstations has been created. It was remarkable for the first time that journalists from the fields of print, online and radio worked together in a joint editorial department, which required a flexible and intelligent furnishing of the workstations.

Novus multi-user system solutions were chosen: a total of 200 multifunctional workstations from Svoboda Büromöbel were equipped with Novus multi-user systems. They provide an equally high-quality and attractive, ergonomic and secure monitor attachment. A total of 171 double workstations are used in the Tetra Support System (TSS); 30 double workstations are equipped with NOVUS Comfort Duo. The combination of NOVUS TSS solutions and the NOVUS LifTEC trays has proved to be ideal for the conceptual objectives of the new Styria Newsroom: Intelligent modularity and maximum flexibility create the basis for a new performance level in the new media era.

All that remains is to congratulate the Styria Media Group on their decision to meet the complex requirements of an attractive workplace with high quality. Starting with the spatial ambience, through the architecture and location, right up to the high-quality furnishing of the workstations themselves, which makes day-to-day work more efficient for all.

  • NOVUS Office Light Luma

    Moderne LED-Schreibtischleuchte mit Tischklemme und 2-teiligem Aluminium-Tragarm

    Hochwertiger Leuchtenkopf aus Aluminium für optimalen Wärmeaustausch

    Justierbare Gelenke sowie Federausgleichsmechanik für eine stufenlose Höhenverstellung

    Aktionsbereich: 890 mm

    Integrierte Kabelführung, Kabellänge: ca. 2,2 m

    Aus hochwertigem Aluminium

    Die Leuchte hat einen elektronischen Steckertransformator

    Erhältlich auch mit Standfuß

    Diese Leuchte enthält eingebaute LED-Lampen., LED-Lampen: 7 LEDs á 1,2 Watt, Diese Leuchte ist geeignet für Leuchtmittel der Energieklassen A, A+, A++

    Die Lampen können in der Leuchte nicht ausgetauscht werden

    Benötige Netzspannung 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

    Lichtmessdaten: Farbtemperatur 5000 K, 780 Lm, 1250 Lx (40 cm Höhe), Verbrauch 8,2 W - im Standby 0,2 W

  • NOVUS Talkmaster

    Telefonschwenker mit 2-teiligem Gelenkarm zur Ablage des Telefons in dritter Ebene

    Tischbefestigung mit Universalzwinge 1 für eine Tischplattenstärke von 18-74 mm

    3-stufig verstellbar für eine flexible Geräte-Positionierung

    Schwenkbar um 360 Grad für mehr Bewegungsfreiheit

    Tragplatte lässt sich quer oder längs montieren

    Maße Tragplatte: 258 x 172 mm

  • NOVUS Office Toolbar

    Das komfortable Organisationstalent für den Arbeitsplatz mit Bildschirmhalterung und Accessoires

    Höhe der Säulen: 250 mm

    Größe SlatWall über dem Tisch: 1600 x 250 mm

    Passend zum Befestigungsstandard 75/100 mm

    Befestigung Säulen: Systemzwinge 1, Klemmbereich 14-40 mm

    Belastbarkeit: Monitorgewicht 3-8 kg, höhenverstellbar durch Gasdrucktechnik

    Reichweite: LiftTEC-Arm I 400 mm