Stühle neu beziehen Anleitung

DIY project: Quite simply re-ordering chairs

You need fresh wind in your home or office, but do not want to spend a lot of money? Then simply re-attach your chairs! An accustomed space has a completely different effect. Also for those who work in the home office and thus spend a lot of time at the same place - and in the same chair - the "metabolism" is worthwhile and brings color to the workplace.

Most of the chairs and office desk chairs can easily be re-ordered. Our Do-It-Yoursef project shows you step by step how to bring your change into the home office or the rest of your home!

Step 1: The seating area of chairs is usually fixed with screws on the underside. These must first be loosened so that the seat cushion can be removed from the chair.

Step 2: 
Now it can start with the new reference. The fabric should be cut in such a way that the top of the seat is covered and additionally has an approximately 5 cm wide edge. Depending on the chair, the ideal edge width can vary, because screw holes might be in the way.

Step 3: Once the fabric is trimmed, it is placed around the seat cushion. The edge should be evenly distributed on all sides.

Stuhl neu beziehen mit einem Tacker

Step 4: Now the fabric is laid on one side and evenly stuck. Caution: You should always make sure that there are no wrinkles on the seat surface. So it always pulls the fabric tight before you tackle it.

Step 5: For the roundings or corners, you must fold the fabric so that it lies.

Step 6: As soon as the new fabric is fastened on all sides, you can simply screw the seat on the chair. Finished!

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