Does office work sick?

Does office work sick?

Variety is half the health.

Office work is by no means a snarl. There, mountains of files were worked off, duty-consciously worked overtime, asserted against disreputable colleagues and difficult bosses, in order finally to reap the earned wages of the yearly troubles. But suddenly it begins to tweak and twitch. The body intervenes and punishes you for too much sitting, faulty body postures and other omissions that have just happened in the course of the work-soaps. Of course, there were warning signals, but they were ignored, will not be so bad, and the presentation still urgently had to be finished. And anyway, what comes by itself goes by itself.

Office space should also be possible in the office building.

How can you prevent this? First of all, the workplace should be optimally aligned. The ergonomic chair and the height-adjustable desk can support the body and lead to a variable seating position. The regular change between standing and sitting workload relieves the skeleton and the back. Even a cordless phone can lead to more movement. If the printer is in another room, there are more possibilities for physical activity. It

is best to suggest your boss to look at the Novus product range because

there are a large number of useful and reliable office assistants that

can be used proactively to prevent the most frequent office diseases. For

example, with height-adjustable desks, flexibly adjustable screen

holders, height-adjustable flipcharts, cutting machines that can be used

to cut away even the most difficult paper sizes and much more. All of these products help to design the office space according to your needs.

Cycling promotes health.

Probably the most sensible and most lasting prevention against the classic office diseases can not take you however a boss of the world. For that is the movement. For this you have to take care of yourself. Whether you go to work in the morning with your bike, workout in the gym, go jogging or play ball games after the end of the day, it does not matter, you are in motion. Of course, this also applies to working hours. Instead of sticking to the chair all day, you should change the position and the posture more often, climb stairs rather than take the elevator and much more. Just think of your body doing a huge favor, and you feel better anyway, the fitter you are. So, keep moving, you're saving so many illnesses.


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