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How to place tablets stylishly

Please make a quick test: How many tablet PCs are currently used in your work environment - and how many classic PCs and laptops? And then, briefly, consider how this figure looked like five years ago. In most cases, the figures speak a clear language: tablets have not only arrived in the modern world of work, but they are no longer indispensable.

Content presented on the tablet stylishly

This also has good reasons: the handy and mobile devices can easily be taken and used everywhere quickly and easily. They are ideally suited for meetings, conferences and presentations - also thanks to steadily growing performance and a now wide range of screen sizes. Compared to laptops, however, due to the design, tablets can not be placed anywhere in the world, for example, to present a presentation or a film. To lean the devices somewhere is often not a safe and stable solution. Exactly the same is the case of Novus - in the form of the universal stand NOVUS MY point.

Table holder as an eye-catcher on the counter Tablet stylishly placed on the counter

Whether at the reception, at the workplace or in the meeting, the NOVUS MY point makes the work and the representative use of tablets very flexible possible: The holder can be attached to tablets with a size of 7 to 10 inches quickly and securely. For example, in presentations, all participants have a clear view of the screen - while the hands are free. The tablet can be inserted in portrait or horizontal format; The sturdy and infinitely adjustable base provides secure support in any situation.

The NOVUS MY point is a flexible and practical support for digital workflows and at the same time also visually appealing high-quality. With this, he also opens up many other possibilities for the reception of receptions, hotel reception, bars and restaurants, as well as placing in his own living room. The success of the tablets continues thus - secure and optimally supported by Novus.