Freshness for the office day: more color on the desk!

Freshness for the office day: more color on the desk!

Honestly, anyone who is angry about his ugly office is himself to blame. Of course, you have not chosen the gray carpet, the silent lamps or the dull white filing cabinets. And you are not responsible for the obligatory rubber dummy on the window sill. But just because you are so dreary on your first working day in an office as the workplace itself has set, it does not have to remain. Take the initiative and embellish your desk! Free according to the motto "Pimp up your workspace". The Feel-Good-Manager makes air leaps! In another article we have already explained the effect of colors. Thanks to our desk type test, you now know exactly what color should best be on your desk. Need some ideas? The Work Life Experts provide tips for a colorful office:

Colorful desk utensils

Start with the typical desk utensils.Punchers, staplers and scissors in bright colors form the basis for your color project.You are the first sight!

The choice of a matching desk mat with a mouse pad will change the entire picture of your workplace.This should clearly dominate the color of your choice.In some online shops you can even design personalized desk pads.

We already had the topic of rubber.Have you ever thought about bringing a bouquet of tulips to work at lunch?Colorful flowers of your favorite color on the desk just change the working feeling!In addition, the necessary flower vase provides another way to bring more color to your desk.

Novus color theory

Well-being has almost everyone on his desk, be it a photo of the dog or a lucky charm from the holidays.It will be much more harmonious if the object fits in color with the rest of the color accents.Tune your desk gadgets in color so your workspace does not look chaotic but deliberately decorated.

Healthy is colorful!A fruit bowl not only does your vitamin C household well.The shell itself offers another possibility to support the spring-green, sun-yellow or sky-blue touch on your computer table.A pretty dressed fruit bowl makes a lot of it - as well as the delicious fruit in it.