keeping clean your working place
An untidy desk often causes chaos.

"The liberated feeling after that is unbeatable."

Information & tips on cleanup & order - from "RaumStruktur" -Expertin Brigitte Borchers

Moment ... I had written somewhere already a great idea for the Texteinstieg. Where is the note? Definitely in one of the many piles on my desk. The should I anyway go through and sort, much can be determined away. This will be a while now, I am afraid. But before I start, I'll introduce you to Brigitte Borchers. She is an expert for structured cleaning, mucking, arranging and optimizing at the workplace. And has a few basic tips available, which I should probably take better times.

The topic of cleaning up is an early occurrence in our lives. They are usually the parents who ask for it. Sometimes even subdued by

You'll find everything better! "Or" You can not get anywhere else! ". In protest, on the other hand, many people later cultivate the so-called "creative chaos" on their desk. In school and university, you might get through with it. But in the workplace, especially in office situations, this should be the end. For here it is usually the superiors and bosses, which demand more order. And with responses like "Yes, I'll do tomorrow ..." strangely quite uncomprehending.

But where to begin? And how to bring in system? What is the right solution for me? And what do I have to do in principle, so that not every chaotic chaos reigns?

So that you do not already fail on such questions, there are clean-up professionals like Brigitte Borchers. Under the keyword "RaumStruktur", she offers individual advice on clean-up and restructuring processes, which she also actively accompanies personally. The spectrum of their achievements ranges from A as "muck out & create atmosphere" to Z like "free of stuff". Or, as she summarizes, "I support and accompany people on their way to greater clarity and a new feeling in their work and home." High time to ask them about the topic!

Mrs. Borchers, why should I keep order at all? Is not that just more work?

Brigitte Borchers: The cleaning up itself first. But the liberated feeling after that is unbeatable: finally, space on the desk, in the closet or on the floor - and thus again more clarity for upcoming projects.

Thank you Brigitte Borchers!

The interview has already helped me very much. The stacks on my desk are checked, mocked, sorted, stapled and placed in folders. Of course with the staplers and punches of Novus, so everything goes smoothly and fast. And thanks to the "flat clinch" stapling process, the large stacks fit into just a few folders. Only the idea for the text climb I unfortunately did not find again - but I will certainly never happen again.