Tips for choosing the right device

Every office has one. Every office needs one. Maybe hardly anyone in the office even knows what it can do, despite its name speaking for itself: a shredder shreds documents. So far, so simple. But what if the sensitive data is on a CD? Or if a pile of documents is stapled together? Do I need to oil the device regularly? How much electricity does it use? And what’s all this about different security levels – are there really seven of them? Which one do I need?

If you have the task of buying a new shredder for your home office or the office where you work together with colleagues, or if you are asked for advice when selecting a new shredder, the initial questions are all important. And don’t forget that there are other criteria too! But don’t worry – you will definitely find the right device in the end. To get there, you first need to answer three questions that arise directly from your working environment: application, protection against fine dust and location. From the answers, you can then configure the appropriate device from the manufacturer, Dahle.

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The right shredder in 3 steps

Step 1: The question about the application revolves around the amount of paper and the required security level. How much paper does the machine have to handle on average? Do you have to do a lot of shredding, or just the odd sheet every now and then? We have already summarised everything you need to know about security levels in a previous article. Depending on which level is important to you, you can choose the appropriate category in the configuration. For example, “Waste”, “Office” and “Security” cover the security levels P-2, P-4 and P-5.

Step 2:  Fine dust is not only a burden in road traffic, but also in the office. Printers, document shredders or other technical devices also cause extremely fine particles. Therefore, you should consider the question of whether the new shredder should be equipped with a health-supporting CleanTEC filter. This CleanTEC filter is integrated directly into the device and prevents fine dust from even entering the room in the first place. 

Step 3: Time for a head count. How many people are going to be using the shredder? Depending on whether it is used by an individual, a team or an entire department, one of the categories Deskside, Team, Department and VolumePRO will be suitable.

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