Environmental protection in the office with sustainable office products

Even simple measures can save you energy and resources in the office. Environmental protection in the office starts when you choose your stationery. High-quality products with a long service life and electrical appliances with low consumption figures help to protect the environment in the office. Office supplies made from recycled raw materials are also a good choice for sustainable office furnishings.

Novus re+new – sustainable office supplies

With Novus re+new, Novus has launched a new series consisting of sustainably produced staplers and hole punches. The Novus re+new staplers and hole punches are designed to be environmentally friendly and recyclable from the way they’re engineered through to how they’re packaged. What’s special about the products is that they are largely made of recycled plastics, known as recyclates. By upcycling old appliances, such as refrigerators, it is possible to reuse previously manufactured material taken from post-consumer waste and thus save raw materials. The plastic is separated, crushed and reprocessed. And the EuCertPlast-certified Novus re+new products close the recycling loop. Dietmar Korth, product manager at Novus Dahle, also knows how important the continuous further development of the product world is: "High product quality with the best technology is particularly important to us in winning and keeping our customers. We are constantly developing our products and discovering new processes – this is how we came across recyclates as material for sustainable office material. Combined with proven functions such as flat-clinch technology, movable anvil and much more, our products become perfect everyday office helpers."

Sustainable hole punching

The hole punches in the re+new series are available in two versions. With a non-slip base and securely engaging paper guide, complete with green format markings, these environmentally friendly office helpers are particularly practical. The Novus re+new B 216 office hole punch is ideal for any office desk and for home use. With the Novus B 230 office hole punch for professional use, you can punch about 30 documents at a time, so you can achieve a tidy desk quickly and easily.

Sustainable stapling

In addition to the punches, the re+new range also includes sustainable staplers. A total of three designs bring sustainability to the office. The Novus re+new B 2 stapler is perfect for home and home office use. The Novus re+new B 4 and re+new B 4FC tackers facilitate document handling in professional daily use. As well as standard stapling, all three re+new staplers offer the function of nailing, as well as closed and open stapling. With the re+new B 4FC, flat-clinch stapling is also possible. Novus Flat-Clinch stapling increases binder capacity by up to 30 per cent, as the staple legs are folded completely flat.

Contemporary design for contemporary offices

All versions of the hole punches and staplers come in the sophisticated all-black design. This makes them ideal for sustainable office furnishing in contemporary offices. With green accents on the black surface, they combine design and functionality, and fit into any office concept. With the right office supplies, you can create a productive working atmosphere that facilitates efficient working. This is not only important in open-plan offices but also in home offices.

Five tips for eco protection in the office

1. Avoid waste and sort your refuse in the office The first step for less waste in the office is to sensitize your team. Not every email has to be printed out, short texts can also be proofread on screen, and printed white papers can be read directly by multiple employees. If possible, print on both sides of the sheet – this can save a lot of paper over the course of a working week. Old printouts are also great for note-taking or brainstorming – as long as they don't contain sensitive data. The waste generated should always be sorted in the office. There should therefore be at least one paper bin at each workstation and plastic waste bins nearby.

2. Save energy in the office With electrical devices, you should watch out for energy labels. These provide information on how much energy a device consumes. Low consumption is particularly important for office electrical appliances, as they are used several times a day. With regard to stationery, too, more and more suppliers are offering sustainably produced pens and blocks. The Novus re+new products help you to bring more sustainability to the office.

3. Use durable and sustainable office equipment The best waste is the waste that's never produced. For your office equipment, you should therefore choose high-quality products with a long life span that do not break as soon as they are used. Hole punches, tackers, printers, document shredders and the like should be manufactured to a high quality so that they last a long time with everyday office use.

4. Make company bikes available If you want to do something to help the environment at the same time as improving workers’ health, you can make company bicycles available or offer them at favourable conditions. Particularly in cities, it makes sense to travel by bike, because you can avoid the traffic chaos. Ideally, it should be possible to shower in the office after cycling in. In this way, the office commute can also become a healthy sports programme.

5. Use LED lights LED lamps consume far less energy than conventional light sources. This is especially worthwhile in rooms where a lot of light is needed throughout the day. Even though LED lamps are a little more expensive, the purchase pays off quickly if they are widely used at your premises. Special workstation lights with LED technology are the best option for offices.

Why eco protection pays off in the office

Everyone is talking about environmental protection. Focusing on a green office is not only worthwhile to save energy and resources, it also benefits the corporate image. Employees are placing increasing importance on good working conditions, a positive corporate philosophy and benefits such as company bicycles.