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Keep clear of cable clutter - life hacks to improve organisation in your office

In recent years, everyone has been talking about the paperless office. But now there is a new trending topic: the wireless office. Many of the items that we use are already wireless - some of you out there probably have a mouse or keyboard that connects to your PC/laptop via Bluetooth. Even though many things have already been "converted" to wireless technology, there are generally plenty of electronic devices - such as telephones, PCs/laptops and desk lamps - in an office that still need cables.

The problem with cables? Clutter!

A cluttered mess of cables looks really disorganised: cables here, there and everywhere, often all tangled up with one another. And it's not unusual to have to spend an age sorting through them if you want to switch over the devices plugged in at your desk. Well, we're pleased to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way: wave goodbye to cluttered cables, as we show you a way to restore order to your desk and its surroundings.

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Ways to avoid cluttered cables and restore order

  • Cable ties: Perfect for bundling together cables in close proximity to one another, cable ties can be found in any hardware store. They are strong and will never loosen their grip. The downside? They don't look all that great. But when it comes to cables under your desk that are always getting under your feet, aesthetics are not such an important concern. Since they ensure neat cable routing and are not visible, cable ties more than fit the bill here.
  • Cable conduits: Cable conduits are another equally effective - but much better-looking - method for combating cable clutter. They are generally monochrome - black, white or grey - and enclose the length of one or more cables up to the socket. The length of the conduit can be individually adjusted to match the length of the cables in question, and, since multiple cables can be enclosed in a single conduit, the cables simply nestle neatly next to each other, instead of getting all tangled up. Cable conduits keep cables together for as long as they run in parallel, right up until they go their separate ways. 

  • Cable holders: Ensuring everything is neat and tidy both above and below the desk, with a cable holder, each and every cable has its own designated place. While not in use, cables are kept hanging, rather than being left in a tangled mess on the desk top, close at hand for when they are needed once again. If you are suffering from cable clutter but do not want to buy a cable holder, then you can find plenty of replacements around the office. For example, you could use the paper clips that would normally be used to keep stacks of paper together.
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  • Skirting boards with cable ducting: One very elegant solution for eliminating cable clutter is to use skirting boards with cable ducting. This totally obscures any cabling that runs along the floor but is also particularly expensive. If the cable routing ends on the floor, you can choose a cable duct that matches the wall and hides the cables until they reach the table.
  • Cables as wall decoration: Keep those cables out of sight?! Well, not necessarily... why can't they become part of the décor? These days, there are plenty of options for making this happen. From using Lego bricks as cable holders or placing little birds or leaves on the cables, right through to extremely elaborate solutions, the only limit is your creativity! Take a look at our Pinterest Board to find your inspiration. Plus, colourful desk accessories such as staplers and hole punches are a perfect match. Just wait and see, you can create anything you can imagine! 

Say goodbye to cable clutter

There are countless methods for getting rid of cable clutter on your desk once and for all: from the tried and tested solutions such as cable conduits and routers through to creative wall decorations - and these ideas can be combined, too. Any cables that can be kept out of sight under your desk do not really need to look good - any solution that keeps things tidy will do! Hidden or decorated cables on top or above the desk, however, should look neat and can either be discreetly hidden or even eye-catching.