Make an Easter basket – instructions and creative template for Easter

The first spring flowers are bursting out of the ground, the birds are starting to sing more loudly – spring is just around the corner and Easter will soon be here too. Children and adults alike look forward to Easter eggs. You could even surprise your colleagues at Easter with some sweet brain food in the form of chocolate Eater bunnies, Easter eggs and other delicious treats, all packed in an Easter basket. With the help of our instructions and creative template, use cardboard and a cutting machine etc. to make a simple and pretty Easter basket.

You will need the following to make your Easter basket:

[Translate to English:] Osterkorb basteln Schnittvorlage ausschneiden

Step 1

Print out our creative template. Cut out along the lines as well as the marked inside sections. Place the prepared template for your Easter basket on a coloured sheet of cardboard. Mark out the cardboard using a pencil. To make your basket look really good, cut out the outside edges marked in red using the Dahle 505 wave cut. Cut out the other sections of the cardboard as well as the inside sections. This is particularly easy if you have a good pair of scissors and a cutter. 

[Translate to English:] Einfach und schnell einen Osterkorb basteln

Step 2

Fold the outside rectangles along the marked creases into the middle. Now staple or glue each of the four flaps of the Easter basket to the next flap to make a basket. 

[Translate to English:] Osterkörbchen basteln und mit Karton bekleben

Step 3:

To add a colourful top edge to your Easter basket, cut out a long strip, about 1 cm wide, from a different coloured piece of cardboard. Stick this to the top of your basket.

Step 4:

Cut a square out of crepe paper. Lay colourful Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and other treats in the middle of the square and tie it together with a decorative piece of cord. Place this bag of sweets in the Easter basket.

Decorate the Easter basket

Decorate your Easter basket with cardboard eggs. Cut Easter eggs out of cardboard using a pair of scissors and then stick colourful strips of paper to them. The strips will look particularly good if you cut them out using the Dahle 505 wave cut.

Tips for your DIY Easter basket

You can also make the Easter basket with children. Depending on their age, help them with the cutting out or sticking the cut out strips of cardboard or paper onto the eggs. Little ones can help using the colourful Dahle children’s scissors.


Be creative with decorative cutting using a cutting machine

Get creative with the four different decorative cutting edges of the Dahle 505 cutting machine. This is the perfect cutting machine for various creative projects, since you can also use the wave cut and deckle cut, as well as a straight edge. You can also include cuts for perforation and folding. Dahle cutters as well as the Dahle scissors set can also help you with your creative projects. So you have the right cutting device to hand every time. 

Ideal for filling your Easter basket

Adults and children alike, everyone loves sweets and chocolate. If you would like to give your colleagues an Easter nest as a gift, instead of filling it with the usual chocolate eggs and bunnies, you could also fill it with nuts and raisins, coated coffee beans or almonds. Or how about a little bottle of syrup for their coffee? 

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