Make it yourself! Last minute Carnival costume

2018 has only just arrived, and yet the time for Carnival celebrations all over Germany is already nearly upon us! Who'd have thought it? Carnival falls very early this year. The date upon which the festivities spill out onto the street all depends on the date of Easter (which, in turn, depends on the first full moon from the start of spring). Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, with Easter Sunday arriving 46 days later. As such, the earliest possible date for Carnival is 2 February, although that won't actually come to pass until the year 2285. In any case, you could be forgiven if Carnival has crept up on you this year. Not yet fully prepared? Then take a look at our last-minute Carnival costume to learn how you can prepare a convict outfit, even at short notice!

Convict Carnival costume

We all have something stripy in our wardrobes, right? Of course, black and white stripes would be perfect, but colours can work in a pinch, too. For the mask, you will need:

  1. Cut the mask out of the card. It can be tricky to cut the circles for your eyes properly, so ideally you should use a cutter knife to help you - the result will be much better. 

  2. Attach the elastic band to the left and right sides using the stapler. Ensure you have adjusted the length of the band to fit the circumference of your head. 

And your Carnival costume is complete!

Other last-minute Carnival costumes

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Helau! Alaaf! Aloha! Ahoi! Wau-wau! Alleh hopp! Puff-Puff-Puffer! Whether you are celebrating Carnival, Fasching or Fastnacht, we hope you have a great time!