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Stationery: Pencil sharpeners, scissors, perforators etc. 

Besides office furniture, smaller office supplies are probably the most important things that make office work easier. Folders, pens, notepads, envelopes, staplers and perforators  are used every day and help to make our work efficient. When setting up a new office or purchasing new equipment in particular, the question arises as to which office tools are required. To make it easier for you to choose, in this article we have put together a summary of the stationery you really can’t do without in your office. You will also learn what to look out for when buying office supplies. 

What belongs to office stationery?

Essentially, stationery covers all the tools that are necessary for carrying out your professional responsibilities. This includes smaller products, such as scissors, perforators , staplers or pencil sharpeners, as well as folders, files and shipping supplies. It also covers writing accessories like pens and desk pads. 

The most important office equipment: 

1.     Organisation systems – files, folders, paper clips, staplersperforators, documentation, sleeves, adhesive labels, albums, organisation aids such as clips or hole reinforcements, register cards or stickers.

2.     Writing accessories – all kinds of pens: ballpoint pens, fineliner pens, ink pens, highlighters, permanent markers and correction aids such as Tipp-Ex or pencil sharpeners

3.     Writing support – blocks, writing paper, post-its, as well as printing paper and company writing pads

4.     Shipping supplies – all you need for your letters and parcels: letter openers, writing paper, envelopes and packaging tape

5.     Cutting tools – Scissors, cutters, scalpels, cutting rulers and cutting machines


Which office supplies does each employee need?

The office supplies you or your colleagues need will of course depend predominantly on your job and your company’s business activity. However, every company needs a few essentials. So a basic stock of office supplies will need to be purchased for new start-ups. Absolutely essential is a good selection of pens and pencils (pencils, highlighters, ballpoint pens, fineliner pens). And although many tasks are now digital, office supplies also include notepads, notebooks and post-its. 

You will also need to have in your drawer:

  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Paper clips
  • Stapler &  perforator 
  • Calculator
  • Scissors 
  • Stamp 

Stationery for filing 

When it comes to filing, storage solutions for paper documentation are extremely important. Folders and magazine files are useful to ensure that quarterly reports, employee files, contracts and invoices do not get mixed up. These help to keep all your documents organised and therefore to fulfil legal documentation requirements in the company. The provisions of the new GDPR data protection regulations also need to be taken into account.

Colourful stickers, suspension files, alphabet files and sleeves also help to keep a clear overview of your files. The “Flat Clinch” stapling offered by Novus staplers will help you to keep your papers in order in your filing system. Flat-clinch stapling ensures that the papers do not bulk up so much on the stapled side. This will save you up to 30 percent more space in your files.   

Sustainable office supplies

The economical use of resources is becoming increasingly important. Novus has therefore developed a sustainable version of its perforators and staplers. Materials previously used in fridges standing in the kitchens of end consumers is reprocessed into recycled material and re-used in Novus re+new office equipment. This means that the equipment is made to a large extent from recycled plastic.

The tried-and-tested quality of Novus products makes re+new long-lasting helpers for everyday office life, which are an essential component of a sustainable office concept. With their appealing and elegant black design, Novus re+new offers environmentally-friendly office supplies with a modern look. 



Scissors and other cutting devices

Every desk drawer needs a pair of scissors. These should be sharp and precise so that they offer efficient assistance in the office. Dahle has a very wide range of designs, from conventional professional scissors to more colourful varieties. Those who want to pep up their office with some colour will love the scissors from the COLOR ID range, which are available in five different colours. There are also matching perforators, staplers and cutting machines. As well as scissors, cutting machines are also a very practical addition to the office, ensuring a precise cut and straight edges for paper with larger dimensions.

Quality lasts and makes work easier

When you buy your office supplies, look out for high-quality materials, which last a long time and work really well in everyday use. Nothing is worse than perforators that don’t punch holes or equipment that is unusable after just a few times. Years of experience goes into the office equipment made by Novus Dahle. This is some of the highest quality office equipment available worldwide. The equipment is constantly being further developed, fulfils the highest safety standards and, with many products, you will benefit from a 25-year guarantee.