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Health risk fax, printer and copier

Health risk fax, printer and copier

Health risk printers and copiers
Use air cleaner to improve the room climate

Health risk printers and copiers? Are the practical helpers in the office office now losing their reputation? Not quite. However, they do not have a positive effect on our health. The reason for this is, among other things, that they produce fine dust. The more frequently they are used - and the frequent use of printers and other technical devices is no question in the office - the more fine dust they produce.

Fine dust is a topic that most locates in road traffic, but not at the desk in the office. Tiny small particles of particulate matter, however, can not be absolutely dangerous to our health, they occur in too much concentration in the air, which we inhale. If this is the case, they get into our respiratory tracts and can even get stuck in our lungs. We do not even notice them because they can also have a size that is ten times smaller than the thickness of a hair. Respiratory tract diseases to allergic asthma may result.

Finally breathe in the office

In fact, there is a remedy for too much fine dust in the workplace, eg in the form of office equipment that has an integrated fine dust filter. The Dahle brand was the pioneer with the Clean TEC shredder. But what can I do, is no filter integrated in my equipment in the office? Even then there is a solution!

Dahle has developed the filter in the shredder. The result was the DAHLE nanoCLEAN air purifier, a very compact device with very high filter performance. The air purifier can easily be placed directly at the point of origin of the fine dust and ensures that the impurities are not distributed in the room at all. In addition to particulate matter, it also cleans the air from other, disturbing particles that are just causing people with allergies or asthma to create: pollen, bacteria, mold spores, mites or animal hairs - they are all not protected from it.

The Dahle air purifier is particularly suitable for the office thanks to its special filter capacity. "It is even the only device on the market that also filters nanoparticles under 10 nanometers," says Harald von Schischka, expert for filters at Freudenberg Filtration Systems, the renowned manufacturer of the DAHLE nanoCLEAN filter. "The filter in the Dahle air purifier has three layers and works with five techniques. He is so far surpassing current HEPA standards. In an adapted form, the filter is also used in air-conditioning systems of well-known automarks. "

In addition to its filter, the "Kraftzwerg" also has other arguments that speak for it: it is very compact and very light. Many air purifiers have a size of up to one meter and weigh five kilos. The DAHLE nanoCLEAN, however, fits into a shoe box. It weighs less than a kilo and can easily be taken and placed anywhere in the office where it is needed. Dahle also emphasizes sustainability: If the filter is "used up" after 680 to 800 hours of use, it can be exchanged and completely recycled with a few hands.

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