Office furnishings – Find your ideal workstation with Novus Dahle WorklifeExperts

Office furnishings – Find your ideal workstation with Novus Dahle WorklifeExperts

An ergonomic workstation, modern office lighting, high-quality office equipment – if employees are to feel comfortable and work productively, it is important for office furniture and stationery to correspond as closely as possible to requirements and everyday office life. What’s needed here are above all individual solutions, which will allow various spaces – from individual offices to open-plan offices and conference rooms – to be furnished flexibly. 

Those who are moving into new office space or want to refurbish existing offices should look for high-quality, long-lasting furnishings. This not only guarantees that the products will work, it also ensures a better working atmosphereso that employees feel at ease. 

The must-have items for good office planning are:

  • Ergonomic furniture and a lighting concept adapted to the working area
  • White boards and flip charts for notes, brainstorming and presentations
  • Document shredders for the safe and efficient shredding of sensitive documents 
  • Cutting machines for precise and safe cutting
  • Laminating machines to protect important documents 
  • Stationery such as staplers, perforators, scissors, etc. 
Office furnishings – Find your ideal workstation with Novus Dahle WorklifeExperts

This is precisely where the Worklife Experts at Novus Dahle come in: with many years of experience and the highest quality requirements, Novus Dahle develops products for office stationery, furnishings and technology.   With its practical office solutions, Novus Dahle helps to furnish work areas in a modern and flexible way to suit the corporate culture and can even supply branded products on request.

The Novus Dahle range includes:

High-quality, long-lasting office supplies

More than 70 years of experience goes into the development and production of Novus office equipment. Whether it’s a stapler or a perforator – all Novus products impress with their superb performance and durability. This makes them ideally suited to productive and efficient working life in the office.

Wide choice of colours and innovative technology

Novus staplers and perforators come in a wide variety of colours. From plain designs to bright colours for special colour accents on the desk with  Novus COLOR ID in the five colours dreamy lilac, easy blue, funny orange, happy pink and lucky green. All of these include practical features to make your work easier. Various types of stapling help to archive and organise documents efficiently. Open stapling, for example, allows documents that have been stapled together to be separated again easily. With Flat Clinch, documents are stapled together particularly flat so that they don’t stack up so high. Novus perforators are particularly easy to empty and have a locking rail for all standard DIN formats.

Those who rely on special devices, such as long staplers or block staplers, will also find what they’re looking for. From mini staplers for trips away to powerful electric staplers for fast stapling and heavy duty devices for large stacks of paper and leaflets. 

Sustainable office equipment from the Novus re+new range

Sustainable office supplies are available from the Novus re+new range of staplers and perforators made from recycled material. Novus re+new staplers and perforators in a modern “all black” design make for a sophisticated, simple and yet eye-catching feature on the desk. What makes re+new special is that the devices are made to a large extent from recycled plastic from post-consumer waste, which has already been disposed of as domestic or commercial waste at least once after use. The granules produced in this way is EuCertPlast certified and is re-used in re+new products. This makes the perforators and staplers, which are available in several different versions and sizes, ideal for sustainable office equipment

Office furnishings – Find your ideal workstation with Novus Dahle WorklifeExperts

Office lighting with Novus Attenzia 

Even though lighting is not something we normally notice, it is essential for employees to be able to concentrate on their work. People who sit in dark rooms all day long will be more susceptible to headaches and will find it hard to concentrate, becoming less productive. To improve lighting in the workplace, Novus has developed the Attenzia lighting range . These lights use LED lighting technology, which is perfect for illuminating the workstation: 

• Economy: LEDs rarely fail and consume little energy.

• Light quality:  They are infinitely dimmable and offer a wide range of light temperatures.

• Design: The compact LED construction allows a flexible lighting design. 

Flexible lighting to cover various requirements

Individual workstations, group rooms, work corners – the lighting should be adapted to suit the people involved and the various types of work areas.  This is precisely where Novus comes in with its Attenzia free-standing floor lamps and desk lamps. Ideally suited to the optimum, targeted lighting of desks and offices are the Novus Attenzia task and Novus Attenzia completelights. They are height-adjustable, infinitely dimmable and can also be integrated in the Novus more space system. 

The Novus Attenzia task LED office light has been awarded the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018” and combines design with performance. Thanks to its flexible 2-part support arm and 49 high-quality LEDs, it perfectly and flexibly illuminates specific areas of the desk, supporting work without any shadows or glare. The Novus Attenzia complete has a larger light panel with 108 LEDs and can therefore illuminate larger areas. 

The range is rounded off by the Novus Attenzia space free-standing floor lamp. This is available in four different versions, each in a choice of three colours. From the basic model to intelligent daylight technology for the office, which uses biodynamic lighting and sensor technology to adapt to natural daylight rhythms, offering the human body ideal support. 

The advantages of Attenzia lights at a glance: 

  • The large number of high-quality LEDs ensure the perfect, harmonious distribution of light.
  • The visual ambience also makes a contribution towards a good work-life balance.
  • NOVUS Attenzia lights are flexibly adjustable.
  • Attenzia allows you to be efficient and concentrate on your work – with reduced light-induced signs of tiredness. 
  • Harmonious light conditions support the natural human biorhythm.
  • Neutral white colour temperatures ensure a professional atmosphere.

Versions of Novus Attenzia office lighting: 

  • Desk lamps: Novus Attenzia task and complete
  • Free-standing floor lamps for the office: Novus Attenzia space, space + and space XT
  • Free-standing floor lamps for the office with daylight function: Novus Attenzia space active HCL 

Would you like to find out more about Novus Attenzia and finding the right office lighting? Take a look at our product page.

Office furnishings – Find your ideal workstation with Novus Dahle WorklifeExperts
Office furnishings – Find your ideal workstation with Novus Dahle WorklifeExperts

Workstation design with the Novus more space system

Office furnishings should be just as diverse as the people working with them. Since each individual will have different requirements for their office furniture, these should also be taken into account. Variable and modular office furniture like the Novus more space system makes it particularly easy to plan and install.

As well as Attenzia lights, the range includes various storage systems for documents, office equipment such as pens and holders for screens, phones or tablets.

The modular construction system and coordinated holders allow the Novus more space system and all its components to be adjusted ergonomically to suit the worker’s needs. So there’s everything you need to set up a modern workstation. 

Discover the modular Novus more space system now.

Office furnishings – Find your ideal workstation with Novus Dahle WorklifeExperts

Office technology to make your work easier 

Dahle document shredders, Dahle cutting machines and Dahle laminating machines are practical, high-quality helpers when it comes to working with documents. Dahle has been making products to support office work since 1930 and has been constantly working on new developments since then.

The wide range of Dahle document shredders offers everything you need to safely shred your documents. There is a suitable Dahle document shredder for all requirements, whether it’s for a large open-plan office, smaller offices or a home office. The ShredMATIC with autofeed function range of document shredders, with models able to automatically process stacks of paper of various sizes up to 300 sheets (80g/m2), is particularly practical for office work. They feed in the stack of paper themselves so that you can get on with other things at the same time. Since they can shred documents to a fine particle size with security level P-4 in accordance with DIN 66399, they can also be safely used to shred sensitive and confidential data. 

The  Dahle range of laminating machines is also essential for laminating and protecting important documents. The range includes entry-level versions for private use, as well as fast-heating models for professional use. The rapid laminating machines heat up within 30‑40 seconds and reach a working speed of up to 500 mm per minute. 

For the precise, safe cutting of documents, you can rely on Dahle cutting machines.There is a range of cutting machines to choose from for your office. With high-quality blades and practical format lines, these safety-tested, certified machines guarantee precision cutting.  

Office furnishings with Novus Dahle 

With the right office planning and furnishing, you can ensure a productive and comfortable place of work for you and your employees. Would you like to find out more about our products and arrange a personal consultation? Please contact us. Our office experts will be happy to help you with your office planning and to choose the right product.