Rotary trimmers for formats up to DIN A2

Cut large formats with high precision

Comfortably cut paper formats up to DIN A2 with DAHLE rotary trimmers. Our high-quality devices are perfect for professional use, e.g. in graphic design agencies, architecture firms or artist workshops.

Practical format lines on the table make it possible to cut items down to size with millimetre precision. Long-lasting, self-sharpening circular blades also ensure a precise cut for perfect results when cutting your documents with no effort at all. The closed high-quality plastic cutting head fits comfortably in your hand and ensures safety when cutting.

We recommend DAHLE rotary trimmers wherever large-format cuts are needed, e.g. in creative fields, construction or planning. We offer a guarantee of up to five years for our quality products.

DAHLE 554 (Generation 3)
Professional rotary trimmer for daily use (A2)
  • Cutting performance up to 20 sheets
  • Cutting length up to 720 mm
  • Cutting capacity up to 2 mm
Premium rotary trimmer for everyday use (A2)
  • Cutting performance up to 30 sheets
  • Cutting length up to 670 mm
  • Cutting capacity up to 3 mm
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