Cordless staple guns

Staple anywhere without effort.

Cordless staple guns are electric staplers without a cable. Thanks to a powerful, removable lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy the benefits of an electric staple gun even in places where there are no power outlets. Cordless staple guns are ideal for medium workloads requiring high levels of mobility and flexibility.

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion
The handheld cordless tacker with practical lithium-ion battery without memory effect and auto-charging.
  • A 6-14 mm
  • E 14 mm

How a cordless staple gun works

Battery powered staple guns are electric staplers that have no need for a permanent power supply. Depending on the design, the drive spring is pre-tensioned by an electric motor. As a result, battery-powered devices are usually a little slower than corded electric staple guns. However, cordless staple guns are perfect for many tasks in locations where there are no power outlets, and require no manual effort.

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion

Impact force adjustment

The impact force of our cordless staple gun can be adjusted. This makes it possible to achieve optimum fastenings in different materials (e.g. hardwood, softwood).

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion


We supply our cordless staple guns in a practical, robust case, so the staple gun, staples and charging cable are always together and protected.

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion

Workstation light

For optimum visibility and even more precise work, our cordless staple gun has an LED light to specifically light the workpiece.

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion

Staple window

The open staple window allows you to check the fill level, so you can avoid interrupting your work by reloading in good time.

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion


The rubberised, ergonomically shaped handle makes working particularly pleasant and kind to the hands.


NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion

Firing protection

The tacker can only be fired when the tool is in position. This accidental firing protection contributes significantly to the tool's safety.

Work anywhere with cordless staple guns

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion

Building a birdhouse

With our cordless staple guns, handicraft work and DIY jobs are really easy. For example, you can build a birdhouse quickly and easily.

NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion

Attaching decorative mouldings

Our cordless staple guns can take nails up to a length of 14 mm. So attaching decorative mouldings is easy and can be done anywhere with the Novus battery powered staple guns.


NOVUS J-214 Li-Ion

Upholstering chairs

Upholstery work is trouble-free and adaptable with our cordless staple guns. Staple effortlessly even without a power socket.

The J-214 cordless staple guns from Novus.

Our handy cordless staple guns with practical lithium-ion battery. The ideal
tacker for decoration, house and hobby work far from any power sockets.
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