Hobby staple guns

Do-it-yourself made easy with hobby staple guns.

Novus hobby staple guns are ideal for many tasks. Creative ideas can be implemented easily and beautifully with a staple gun. Many Novus staple guns can be used universally. You can work with different staples and thus perform different tasks.

Whether you are fastening fabrics or sheeting, many hobby staple guns handle both materials with a single device.


Be creative with hobby staple guns.

Practical room dividers

You can build your own personalised, practical screen very quickly with a tacker. Do-it-yourself for hobbyists and DIY-ers.

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Build your own headboard

You can build a headboard in a few simple steps. We will show you how to use a hobby staple gun to turn a simple bed without a headboard into a bespoke piece of furniture.

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Creating a mini-pond

Even a small mini-pond transforms a terrace or balcony into an idyll. In our workshop, you will learn how to quickly create your own mini-pond with a staple gun.

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Handicrafts with a staple gun –
design your own picture frame.

Picture frames in bespoke shapes – such as a house, triangle or skyline –
are particularly personal gifts and unique decorative elements. Find out in the
video here how to build your own picture frames!

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