Fabric staplers

Fastening fabric and cloth easily and securely.

Almost all Novus staplers can also fasten fabrics. Fabrics and cloths are usually fastened with a fine wire staple. This causes minimal damage to the fabric, as it is very thin, but produces a very strong connection. The 1/3 2/3 rule should still be observed here, too.


The right staple for fabrics.

Fine wire staples are best for working with fabrics and textiles. The Novus A type 53 staple can be used by almost all Novus hand staplers, electric stapler guns, and cordless and pneumatic staple guns. There is a special staple for working with fabrics using a hammer tacker, the H type 37 staple.

Stapling upholstery

Fabric stapler are ideal for upholstery work. Fabric staplers use fine wire staples, which are best for fastening textiles with minimal damage.

Quick and easy

Hammer tackers use the H type 37 fine wire staple. They are suitable wherever fast work is required, but where accuracy is not a priority.

This is how the staple holds best.

You're always sure of good results with the right staple length. So you should use 1/3 staple length for the fastening material, and we recommend 2/3 staple length for the anchoring material. If you are using a hardwood as the anchoring material, a 1/1 ratio is enough.

Do-it-yourself. Tacking upholstery and fabrics.

Upholstering chairs

Design your own furniture with the Novus fabric stapler. Cover and upholster chairs like a professional with our instructions.

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Building a headboard

A headboard is very straightforward to make for yourself. We’ll show you here how easy it is to pimp your bed.

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Making a lap tray

Work with flexibility and in comfort on your laptop on a sofa or bed, with your own homemade cushioned lap tray. We will show you how to make your own lap tray with our fabric staplers.

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