Nail guns

Barely visible. Ideal for decorative mouldings.

Many Novus staple guns use nails and are therefore ideal for fixing furniture backs, and decorative trims and corner mouldings. The small nail head is barely visible in the wood but still holds securely and permanently in the right ratio.

Novus nail guns use tacker nails faster and more precisely than is possible manually with a hammer and nails.


The right nails for your staple gun.

The Novus J type E nails are particularly suited to fixing decorative trims and corner mouldings. But thin furniture backs can also be attached quickly and securely with a nail gun. The E nail has a very small head, so is barely visible in the material. For this reason, it is often called a pin nail, compressed-head nail or T-nail.

This is how the nail holds best

You're always sure of good results with the right length. So you should use 1/3 nail length for the fastening material, and we recommend 2/3 nail length for the anchoring material.

If you are using a hardwood as the anchoring material, a 1/1 ratio is enough.

Applications for nail guns.

Fastening furniture back panels

Thin furniture backs can be fastened much faster and more easily with a nail gun than with a hammer and nails.

Attaching decorative mouldings

Our nail guns can insert nails precisely and almost invisibly.

Putting up trellis

With the help of a nail gun, you can quickly and easily put up a trellis yourself at home.

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