Professional staple guns

Power. Speed. Precision.

Novus produces various professional staple guns that are suitable for many different tasks and trades. We offer professional electric staple guns, tackers for roofers, cordless staple guns, professional hammer tackers and professional pneumatic staple guns.

Our professional staple guns meet the highest safety standards. Professional stapling with top Novus quality.


Professional staple guns for production and construction work.

Insulating lofts

Work under and on the roof can be done easily and quickly with a tacker, whether electric, cordless, pneumatic, or a mechanic hand stapler or hammer tacker. We’ll show you here how you can insulate your loft, for instance.

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With professional electric staple guns, pneumatic staple guns or cordless staplers, you can work powerfully, at length, with no manual effort. For panelling work, Novus has special panel staple guns, such as the J-165.

Making furniture backs

With our professional nail guns, professional work can be done quickly and straightforwardly, for example, reliably and securely fastening back panels to furniture.

The J-165 professional staple gun
from Novus.

The J-165 professional electric staple gun can tackle large quantities in a short time, without any effort.
It produces particularly strong tacking while protecting your joints.
See all the advantages of our professional staple gun in the video..

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