Fine wire staples

Fine wire staples from Novus

Fine wire staples are ideal for fastening fabrics, thin metal labels, wire mesh and thin wood strips, among other things. They are thinner than flat wire staples so cause minimal damage to cloth. We offer two types of fine wire staple: the A staple, which is suitable for electric tacker, hand tacker, pneumatic tacker and cordless tacker, and the H staple, a special fine wire staple for hammer tacker.

NOVUS fine wire staples A type 53
Standard fine wire staple for hand-, electric-, accu- and airtackers, ideal for fastening of fabrics and textiles.
Hammertacker fine wire staple for fastening of fabrics and textiles.

Which staples
does my tacker use?

Find the right staple for your tacker in our staple finder.
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Fine wire staples are
particularly suited to these tasks.

NOVUS fine wire staples H type 37

Upholstering chairs

With fine wire staples, fabrics and padding can be securely fastened with minimal damage when restoring chairs.


NOVUS fine wire staples H type 37

Making your own wall art

Use a tacker with fine wire staples when making wall art, to ensure the fabric isn't damaged.

NOVUS fine wire staples H type 37

Making seat cushions

We’ll show you how to kit out garden benches with padded cushions. Our fine wire staples provide a secure hold.

Our fasteners are just the job.

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