Hygiene Protection

According to current standards

With a pandemic on the rise, there is an even higher risk of infection at work. In such times, employers are legally obliged to take certain hygiene precautions. With our hygiene solutions for office spaces and sales counters, Novus Office Protect and Novus POS Protect, you can ensure optimal hygiene protection for your employees and customers in offices and sales areas. Novus offers high-quality products to protect against coughing and sneezing that can be integrated into spaces as a long-term solution in order to prevent illness and promote a healthy workstation. You can also inform employees and customers about social distancing rules with our functional floor mats.

Made in Germany

High-quality, long-term solutions made in Germany.

Perfectly integrated

The hygiene protection integrates perfectly with existing solutions.


Perfectly integrated to provide protection without disrupting the workflow.

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Flexible hygiene protection for your workstation.

Choose from various high-quality hygiene solutions for single, double or consultant workstations. Our counter attachments and flexible partition screens for computer workstations offer optimal hygiene protection:

  • Protection against sneezing
  • Protection against coughing
  • Protection against droplets

All new POS Protect products can be easily attached to your existing modular workstations. By choosing Novus Protect products, you ensure both safety and functionality. Novus offers high-quality products that can be integrated into your workstations as long-term solutions. We also offer you a five-year quality guarantee for our products.

VESA Protect – dynamic protection for your work area

Our flexible VESA Protect model offers hygiene protection between the monitor arm and monitor. The high-quality acrylic glass partition screen follows all movements of the monitor, offering optimal, dynamic protection for your workstation. The protective screen can be easily attached to an existing VESA connection – even without a monitor – and is available in different lengths.

POS Protect – durable counter attachment for your safety

The POS Protect acrylic glass screen is securely attached to two high-quality POS aluminium columns, ensuring long-term hygiene protection against coughing and sneezing. The partition screen is available in different dimensions. A service hatch can also be arranged for screens in sales areas. You can also attach other products from the Novus modular system onto our mounting columns and save desk space. Safety meets optimal functionality.

TSS Office Protect – secure protection for double workstations

A protective screen made from high-quality acrylic glass can be used as hygiene protection to separate a double workstation into two separate workstations. Whether it’s coughs, sneezes or even spittle, the unobtrusive hygiene protection stops aerosols in their tracks. The screen is available in different sizes and can be attached to TSS columns from our modular system. You can also attach other products from our Novus system to the aluminium columns, saving desk space while ensuring the protection of your employees and customers.

Perfectly integrated with POS Connect L 380

An acrylic glass hygiene protection screen can be attached to the POS Connect L 380 support arm. The glass moves with the arm, providing a flexible partition between the customer and employee area. The support arm is height-adjustable and fits perfectly into your existing POS systems. In addition to a partition screen to protect against aerosols, other system products can also be attached to the support arm. Provide long-term protection for your employees and customers while saving desk space.

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With expertise in individually tailored POS solutions.

Since the company was founded in 1949, the Novus brand has been synonymous with:

  • innovative technology,
  • sophisticated „German Engineering“,
  • modular systems
  • and high quality.

These attributes provide the basis for the modular POS Solutions as the key to creating secure and appealing POS solutions that are tailored to your needs with its versatile, flexible elements. It is precisely this individuality that is needed at the checkout with its many and varied demands.

Hygiene protection with social distancing floor mats

Remind your customers of social distancing rules and other guidelines with our professional floor mats with printed distancing rules. The printed floor markings ensure more safety in your shop or office. They are also non-slip and absorb dirt and moisture easily. Functionality meets information. You can find an overview of our standard range in our PDF. Contact us if you are looking for individual social distancing floor mats to meet your needs.

Ensure more safety.

Social distancing can reduce the risk of infection. emco social distancing floor mats clearly show the new social distancing safety requirements. They also keep the customer area clean. Our social distancing floor mats are available now, in many different colours and shapes.

The benefits of our social distancing floor mats:

  • Many different standard designs available
  • High absorption of dirt and moisture
  • Lower risk of tripping and slipping
  • Anti-slip nitrile rubber back
  • Can be used in many different places
  • Personalisation with customer logo possible
  • Does not leave behind any adhesive residue
  • Custom design possible
  • Dimensions can be adjusted to fit on-site layout

Modular and custom-made

Are you still looking for the perfect solution for hygiene protection in your office or sales area? We’d be happy to provide an in-person consultation to help you choose the right products and show you our custom-made options and special solutions. Discover unique solutions for your special space requirements. See a few examples of the diversity of our modular system here.

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