Corkboards with Frames

Quick notes, important business cards or the menu for your favourite takeaway: these important documents still often come on paper. To ensure that they don’t get lost we recommend our high-quality corkboards. Pin reminders quickly and easily to the wall, or use our pinboard to plan out your work. Available in a choice of wooden or aluminium profile frames with plastic corner brackets, our stylish corkboards come with all the fixings you need to easily mount them to the wall. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

DAHLE Cork board Frames Aluminium
High-quality aluminium-framed cork board made of natural cork
  • Frames: Aluminium
  • Available in a range of sizes
High-quality wooden-framed cork board made of natural cork
  • Frames: Wood
  • Available in a range of sizes

Sort and structure documents with high-quality corkboards

Our high-quality corkboards are suitable for a wide range of uses in businesses or at home. In conference rooms, their uniformly dense surface is perfect for structuring planned projects and sorting ideas. In the office or at home they are a great place to pin quick reminders.

DAHLE Cork board Frames Wood
DAHLE Cork board Frames Wood

Corkboards with wood or aluminium frames

DAHLE pinboards made of cork are the practical solution for storing and structuring important documents and notes.

Choose from two different frame types:

  • Our high-quality real wood frames are 15 mm wide and emphasise the natural look of the cork surface.
  • DAHLE cork pinboards with aluminium frames stand out due to their modern design. Plastic corner brackets provide excellent stability.

We offer our natural cork pinboards in a range of sizes to suit your intended use.

Flexibly installable corkboards in a set

The pinning surface of our corkboards is made of natural cork and 7 mm thick, so you can easily and flexibly attach notes and pictures with standard pins.

All our corkboards can be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation, and the necessary fixings are included. Frequently inserting or moving the pins around will not affect the appearance of the pinning surface.

DAHLE Cork board Frames Wood
DAHLE Cork board Frames Wood

Functional helper with unobtrusive design

ll the corkboards in our range are of outstanding quality and blend perfectly into any interior thanks to their timeless design.

With our practical DAHLE corkboards, you can flexibly sort information and always have it quickly to hand.

In addition to corkboards, we offer flip charts, whiteboards und metal wall rails to help you order, plan and sort information. Our range also includes the necessary presentation accessories as well as magnets for easy attachment.

For working at your desk we also recommend the following practical items of office equipment:

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