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Screens and tablet computers are increasingly finding their way into production and logistics. Whether it’s warehouse management or order picking, optimised process chains today are predominantly digitally controlled. Novus offers suitable mounts for monitors of all types in all applications of factory equipment.

Technical furniture & industrial equipment

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TSS: The Novus Tetra Support System perfect for your industrial facility

If you value reliability and stability, the Tetra Support System is perfect for you!

With TSS, your monitors become mobile. In addition to use in warehouses, logistics and production, TSS is optimised for challenging requirements such as in control centres, at broker workstations or in terminals. With numerous combination options, you can also solve complex tasks.

TSS is safe, stable and flexible. Choose the best monitor support arm in the world. For Novus TSS.

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Technical furniture & industrial equipment


Technical furniture & industrial equipment


Technical furniture & industrial equipment


Technical furniture & industrial equipment


Modern industrial workplaces have to meet the highest requirements for automation, ergonomics and process optimisation. With the multi-user system, monitors can be placed in the optimal position. This allows you to combine ergonomics and state-of-the-art production technology.

Technical furniture & industrial equipment


We have high standards for ourselves, our processes and materials, and also for our products. That is why Novus always stands for durable, high-quality and safe products that can withstand any stress.

Technical furniture & industrial equipment


Thanks to our widths range, we are able to meet almost any requirement. Put together your perfect solution with our modular system. Adaptations and extensions are possible at any time, even after several years.

pCon.planner for office planners

Technical furniture & industrial equipment

Integrate the products of the Novus multi-user system into your room planning! All multi-user system components are available as data in pCon.planner. The industry standard for fast, uncomplicated room planning and cost calculation makes it easy to implement even complex requirements.

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