Professional whiteboards

Order and sort your documents

DAHLE whiteboards are perfect for conference rooms and offices where interactive meetings, presentations or brainstorming sessions are held. The high-quality magnetic surfaces of our whiteboards offer plenty of room to collect, jot down and structure ideas.

All DAHLE whiteboards come with a tailored installation set and include a handy storage tray for your presentation accessories. Use black or coloured whiteboard markers to write on them. Once your project is completed, you can simply dry-erase the traces of your creative thought process so the board is immediately ready for the next challenge.

Our swivel whiteboards are the modern alternative to traditional blackboards, allowing you to write on both sides with whiteboard markers and also flexibly attach documents with magnets.

Use our mobile whiteboards wherever presentation content is created dynamically.

DAHLE Basic Board
High-quality, aluminium-framed whiteboard with lacquer-coated magnetic writing surface
  • Magnetic surface
  • Available in a range of sizes
High-quality, aluminium-framed whiteboard with enamelled magnetic writing surface
  • Enamelled, magnetic surface
  • Available in a range of sizes
Basic mobile whiteboard, white on both sides (100 x 150 cm)
Basic mobile whiteboard, white on both sides (120 x 180 cm)
Comprehensive board starter kit
BASIC starter set:

Modern whiteboards – multi-functional and flexible

Our sturdy whiteboards with aluminium frames are suited for universal use and look great in any office. All our products have a smooth white surface that is easy to write on and wipe off. You can also use magnets.

High-quality aluminium frames with plastic corner brackets ensure that our whiteboards are always perfectly stable. We offer our magnetic boards in a range of sizes for wall-mounting or with handy swivel castors for mobile use.

An alternative option for jotting down ideas and information in interactive meetings are our practical DAHLE flip charts.

Magnetic whiteboards for stationary use

For regular use in offices and conference rooms we recommend our professional wall-mounted whiteboards.

The high-quality enamel surface of our professional models comes with an up to 30-year guarantee. The surface of these models is scratch- and break-resistant, light-fast and up to 99% recyclable.

If you need a high-quality alternative to writeable whiteboards, attach and structure your paper notes and photographs on Dahle corkboards or metal wall rails from our range.

Mobile whiteboards for conferences and lectures

Deliver professional lectures and workshops with our mobile whiteboards. Their metal frame and smooth castors mean they can be easily and flexibly set up in any room, and a locking lever ensures they stay in place. For optimal use the board can be infinitely adjusted and locked into any position.

Magnetic whiteboards for universal use

Jot down and sort information and ideas with our premium products. The high-quality workmanship of our whiteboards ensures you are optimally equipped in the office, in meeting rooms or at conferences.

For the perfect functional workplace, our range also includes:

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