Application Information

Duty Times and Cool-Down-Times

valid for:

DAHLE PaperSAFE® 60, PaperSAFE® 100, PaperSAFE® 120, PaperSAFE® 140, PaperSAFE® 240, PaperSAFE® 260, PaperSAFE® 380, PaperSAFE® 420, DAHLE ShredMATIC® 90, ShredMATIC® 150, ShredMATIC® 300

Duty Times and Cool-Down-Times were determined under typical application conditions (“office conditions”) as folllows:

a. Room Temperature 20°C
b. Voltage 230V
c. Frequency 50Hz
d. Start of operation at cold motor (current room temperature)
e. Continuous feeding of 70-85% of max. sheet capacity
f. short breaks between feeeding cycles