Cutting mats

The perfect basis for creative work

At DAHLE, we believe safety comes first when working with cutting tools. The cutting mats from our range are designed to help you work professionally. Their cut-resistant core protects your table against accidental scoring, while their non-slip underside ensures your mat stays securely in place.

DAHLE cutting mats consist of five layers with a self-healing surface on both sides and come in a range of sizes.

DAHLE 10690
Self-healing cutting mat with non-cuttable core (22 x 30 cm)
Self-healing cutting mat with non-cuttable core (30 x 45 cm)
Self-healing cutting mat with non-cuttable core (45 x 60 cm)
Self-healing cutting mat with non-cuttable core (60 x 90 cm)

Flexible cutting mats for your creative projects

Our selection of robust cutting mats includes the perfect product for your needs. No matter what material you want to cut, DAHLE self-healing mats allow you to make high-precision cuts without damaging your table. Our high-quality products are suitable both for hobbyists and for professionals.

We offer cutting mats in a wide variety of sizes. Choose from formats ranging from DIN A0 to DIN A4 to meet the requirements of your individual project. For tailoring we recommend our large-format cutting mats, which allow you to easily cut out large patterns with millimetre precision.

All our cutting mats are printed with helpful format lines that include DIN formats, standard photo formats and angles and make it easier to perfectly cut not only paper or cardboard but also photographs and fabric.

How does a self-healing cutting mat work?

Our plastic mats consist of multiple layers. When working with a cutter or a crafting knife, cuts on the outer layer will be visible, but they won’t hamper you as you continue to work. That’s because the plastic layer does not respond to cuts like, for example, a wooden board, but instead displaces them laterally. In this context, self-healing means that the cutting mat does not retain deep incisions.

How to keep DAHLE cutting mats functional for even longer

Our premium products are manufactured to highest standards and designed for a long service life. To additionally enhance the durability of your cutting mat we recommend that you follow these care and maintenance tips:

  • Always use sharp knives. Dull blades can damage the surface.
  • Always cut at a 90-degree angle to support the self-healing function. We recommend using cutting rulers from our range to guarantee perfectly straight cuts.
  • Use the entire area of the mat – even when you are cutting small items. Turn the cutting mat over every now and again.
  • Our plastic cutting mats have guide lines on both sides. Use both sides equally.
  • Store your mat on a flat surface and avoid rolling it up for storage.
  • Do not subject your cutting mat to high temperatures (e.g. from clothes irons or sunlight), as these may cause the mat to distort.
  • Any dirt can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

Following these care and maintenance instructions will allow you to complete even more creative projects with our professional cutting mats.

Durable cutting mats by DAHLE

Discover our versatile, non-slip cutting mats for hobby or professional use.

Which of our 5-layer cutting mats is right for your project depends mainly on the size of the material you want to cut. However, we also recommend choosing a size that fits your storage options. Please note that you should ideally store DAHLE cutting mats on a flat surface to maximise their durability.

In addition to our cutting mats and accessories, our range also includes a wide selection of high-quality scissors and cutters for professional or household use.

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