Heavy duty cutters

If you need to precisely and accurately cut whole stacks of paper at once, the heavy-duty cutters from our range are reliable tools for dealing with high volumes. With up to 800 sheets per cut, DAHLE heavy-duty cutters are ideal for professional environments. High-quality materials, precise workmanship and German engineering ensure that our products offer excellent service life. That’s why our heavy-duty cutters come with a five-year guarantee.

Choose from models with a range of cutting capacities to meet the needs of your company. All our heavy-duty cutters can easily handle formats up to DIN A3. No matter what amounts of paper you have to cut, our range includes the right device for perfect results.

Professional heavy-duty cutter for up to 300 sheets of paper
  • Cutting performance up to 300 sheets
  • Cutting length up to 430 mm
  • Cutting capacity up to 30 mm
Powerful heavy-duty cutter for up to 600 sheets of paper
  • Cutting performance up to 600 sheets
  • Cutting length up to 430 mm
  • Cutting capacity up to 60 mm
Powerful heavy-duty cutter for up to 800 sheets of paper
  • Cutting performance up to 800 sheets
  • Cutting length up to 475 mm
  • Cutting capacity up to 80 mm

Precise cuts thanks to high-quality workmanship

The results from our premium products meet highest professional standards. Our heavy-duty cutters produce accurate cuts down to the millimetre when working with entire stacks of paper. A sturdy metal table ensures stability during the cutting process. The upper blades are made from Solingen steel; their high-quality workmanship guarantees long-lasting sharpness. In addition, a robust lever makes manual cutting effortless and saves physical energy. All our products moreover feature a quick-press lever to facilitate rapid workflows. Scale bars with a millimetre scale help achieve precise 90-degree angles.

Benefit from these features of our heavy-duty paper guillotines, which make them convenient and easy to use.

Durable blades of the highest quality

The high-quality workmanship that goes into the steel upper blades guarantees long-lasting sharpness. To maintain this sharpness in the long term the blades can be sharpened, ensuring that your DAHLE heavy-duty cutter has a long service life and won’t have to be replaced for a significant amount of time.

DAHLE heavy-duty cutters for professional use

If your company needs to cut lots of paper into a particular size at once, we recommend our heavy-duty cutters. Benefit from the outstanding workmanship and long-lasting performance that characterise our high-quality products. We also offer optional accessories for some of our paper cutters.

If you would like to cut both paper and other materials, we recommend our guillotines.

Especially safe to use at home or in the office are our rotary trimmers.

Discover the outstanding features of DAHLE paper cutters.

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