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Impressive professional presentations at the office

Perfectly prepared for your presentation – DAHLE products provide excellent support for pitches, lectures, workshops and seminars at the office. Functional, reliable, high-quality: so you can focus on what really matters. 

Choose quality products by DAHLE! 


Accessories for conferences, seminars, training courses and workshops

Choose from our wide selection of functional and modern tools for your workplace.

Our magnetic flip charts provide reliable visual support for lectures and workshops. They are designed for use with whiteboard markers. Alternatively, you can work with a paper pad and take your notes with you after the meeting.

Use DAHLE whiteboards to present project results or to secure and sort important information. Choose between the mobile version with metal feet or a practical wall-mounted model. Work with whiteboard markers and magnets as best suits your needs.

We also provide the perfect presentation accessories for our modern multifunctional boards. In addition to whiteboard markers in a variety of colours, our selection includes pins, laser pointers and dry erasers.


Presentation accessories

Attach photographs, flyers and business cards securely and flexibly to our metal wall rails. The rails are easy to install and available in a variety of lengths.

Pin notes and photos easily and flexibly to our environmentally friendly corkboards. Choose between aluminium and wood frames and from a variety of sizes. The included fixings make it easy to install our boards on the wall.

Our high-quality DAHLE magnets are the tool of choice for attaching documents to whiteboards or flip charts. You can find magnets with the right adhesive strength, shape and colour to suit any surface and any kind of document in our range. Our MEGA magnets offer additional practical functionalities.

Functional solutions for the workplace

Professional DAHLE laminators permanently protect important documents from dirt and moisture. All our products are fast and efficient. Choose from models with different warm-up times in a variety of sizes.

Laminate documents in different sizes and formats and with the right pouch thickness for your purposes. The thicker the pouch, the better the laminated material is protected. We offer the right laminating pouches for working with our laminators.

With DAHLE sharpeners, blunt pencils at the office are a thing of the past. Our manual and electric models guarantee optimal results with maximum convenience. Choose from a wide range of models in appealing designs.


Professional accessories by DAHLE for conference and office use

If you want to impress your peers in meetings or at conferences, or simply make your everyday work easier, equip your offices and conference rooms with high-quality products by DAHLE.

In addition to practical accessories for offices and conference rooms, we also offer the perfect product solutions for professional and personal use in these areas.

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