Covid rules at sports clubs

Covid rules at sports clubs

These four tips will help you implement infection protection measures even more easily.

The new sporting season has just begun. As organisers at a sports club you’re thrilled to finally be allowed to hold contests and tournaments with spectators again – subject to conditions such as registering contact data or providing mandatory seating if there are more than 50 people in the audience (e.g. in Lower Saxony). Maybe you’ve found the measures rather onerous so far – but things can be much easier! This article presents a few tips on how you can use standard office products to meet covid regulations. Because you’ll probably have to implement some measures more than once – or replace the required tools and materials.

Covid rules at sports clubs

Prepare contact sheets

All visitors must provide their contact data so that chains of infection can be traced. You can easily sort contact sheets and file them in folders. To do this, prepare the sheets in DIN A5 format.

Create a template with two slips of paper to fill in on one DIN A4 sheet and print them out – as many as you need. Using a guillotine to cut the printed contact sheets into DIN A5 sheets is much faster than working with scissors, as you can cut a large stack of paper at once. Don’t forget to punch holes in the sheets before they are filled in so you can file them away more quickly.

Also make the template available on your club’s website so visitors can download it and print it out themselves: that will make admission easier because your visitors can already enter their contact data at home and simply hand in the completed slip at the door. All you have to do then is collect, perforate, file.

By the way: If you prefer a digital solution, there are already a number of apps on the market that you can use to collect contact data online. Before choosing this option, make sure to check the current regulations in your federal state.

Destroy contact data

Covid rules or not – even in these complicated times, GDPR regulations must be observed. Once you have collected your spectators’ contact data, you are only allowed to retain them for a certain period; in Lower Saxony, for example, for three weeks. After this period, contact sheets with all the personal data they contain must be destroyed in a GDPR-compliant manner; that means using a document shredder with security level 4.

Document shredders make this job easier for you, allowing you to destroy the data quickly and securely without too much effort. Larger document shredders can destroy several sheets of paper at once. The waste collection volume determines how often you have to empty the device.

Covid rules at sports clubs

Create signage sustainably

Although masks have been mandatory for some time and most people are already used to them, there’s always a possibility that someone will have forgotten their face covering. To ensure that doesn’t happen at your club, put up signs to remind your members and visitors; you can also prompt them to maintain safe distances and disinfect their hands. You don’t have to create these signs yourself: google for free templates – you can find them on many websites nowadays. To avoid having to print out new signs for every event, it’s worth laminating your signs; this protects them reliably from damp and dirt. A laminator does the job quickly and safely.

Depending on the surfaces to which you intend to attach the warning signs, you have various options: if you want to put them on wooden boards, panels, or trees, you can attach your signs with a hand tacker; cable ties are ideal for tying them to perimeter boards. Make sure you place your signs where they are clearly visible.

Ensure safety at food and drink stands

A sports event should include refreshing drinks and light snacks – even in times of contact restrictions. While it’s easy to keep one’s distance in a queue, things are a little more tricky when it comes to paying. Hygiene protection screens keep both patrons and staff at the kiosk or drinks stand safe.

By the way: Larger clubs with their own food and drink stands may find a complete POS system with a cash register system and hygiene screens to be a worthwhile investment – even after covid.

These four tips and a few standard office products will help you make club life more relaxed and hold great sporting events despite covid. Enjoy your next event!