DIY Easter craft ideas

DIY Easter craft ideas

How to create a fun Easter gift for your loved ones

Easter is just around the corner. It will be an unusual holiday again this year, with social distancing and hygiene rules. Even if you can’t celebrate with your entire family, your friends and colleagues, you can brighten their day with little gifts and spruce up your house with home-made Easter decorations. And it’s incredibly easy: a perforator, a stapler, scissors and co. make it child’s play. Simply send your gifts by post to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces without putting them at risk of infection.

By the way, crafting is even more fun when you do it with your family, and especially with children. Over the holidays, children are grateful for interesting and fun things to do.

We have put together some great DIY crafting ideas for Easter gifts and decorations and created instructions for you to make your own.

Quick crafting ideas

Staplers and perforators aren’t just for work: these handy tools are also perfect for crafting. We have compiled a few instructions for quick Easter craft projects. Here are some ideas you might like to try:

DIY Easter craft ideas


DIY bunting made from a wax tablecloth – simply cut out the pennants and staple them together.

DIY Easter craft ideas


DIY rabbit and carrot garland – a cute decoration that will appeal to grown-ups and children alike.

DIY Easter craft ideas

Easter eggs

Decorate Easter eggs with home-made confetti.

DIY Easter craft ideas

Cute packaging for sweet gifts

An Easter basket is the perfect way to package Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and other treats. To make your own, you’ll need coloured construction paper, coloured crepe paper, craft glue, and of course some sweets to put in it. Our printable template, the right scissors, a stapler and the DAHLE 507 cutting machine with creative set make it easy. Click here for the instructions.

Want to let your creativity run wild? Here’s another great idea for gift packaging.

Have fun crafting!