NEW: Dahle MEGA magnet. Magnets for ideas.

A brand new kind of magnet for fridges, pinboards etc. For notes on slips of paper? Yes, how cute! But now things are getting more serious: a new place to keep your smartphone, with your sunglasses in the same place and cosmetics on top of that – no problem with the MEGA-sized neodymium magnets from Dahle, which will hold an unbelievable amount of things in place. Have a guess how much…

Mega Magnets

“Function” and “Mini” MEGA magnets will change the world of magnets!

Small or large, they need to be as strong as an ox. And that’s just what they are! “Function” is the name given to the range of individual magnets in four geometric shapes, which you can use to hold just about anything in place, as long as it’s not a piano. 😉

The world’s strongest magnets also feature in our “Mini” range, which will stick like a limpet to all your big ideas and important messages.

They all aim to fulfil your own personal requirements: you get to determine what exactly you want each MEGA magnet to do!

DELTA can!

Gone are the days when it was just notes, photos and postcards that were stuck to the pinboard or fridge – now DELTA has joined the party to hold everything down that would otherwise be (f)lying around.

The triangular MEGA magnet is now THE place to keep some surprisingly heavy items.

From now on, you’ll always know where your mobile phone is, for example. Wallets, watches, make-up bags, USB sticks, charger cables or, .. OK so postcards and photos as well if you want.

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Mega Magnets
Mega Magnets

CROSS keeps everything hanging in place.

No longer any need to keep searching for things! This is a cross that will keep together all those things that seem to “disappear” into their hiding places as if by magic.

CROSS becomes your butler, holding on to everything that can be hung up – from key rings to hand towels and fairly lightweight jackets.

Yes, you have read it correctly: our MEGA magnets can also take over your cloakroom services. All you need is a magnetic surface and the world’s strongest magnets will do the rest.

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CIRCLE is more than just a well-rounded package.

Tools, pens, cooking utensils – many years of practical experience go into the circle, that’s for sure.

From now on, CIRCLE makes homework, painting, cooking and much more besides as easy as pie.

MEGA fans can create a clever system for themselves out of several CIRCLES and grab the tool they need practically without even looking. After all, not only are MEGA magnets from Dahle as strong as an ox and eye-catching, they are also great little everyday helpers.

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Mega Magnets
Mega Magnets

Everything in the frame with SQUARE.

It looks SOOO much better like that doesn’t it? If you want to attach photos to your magnetic board, you may as well do it right! With our SQUARE magnets, you can give all your loved ones the setting they deserve.

Even if there’s a strong draught, e.g. when a window has been left open, there’s no danger of things falling off the fridge, etc. (by the way, even our “Mini” magnets will guarantee the same, although without the fancy border). The message of the day for family members also gets a suitable frame at last!

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Mega Magnets

MINI brings colour with mega magnet power.

Mini magnets with maximum power: our “Mini” range proves that small dimensions can also provide maximum adhesive effect. After all, there are things that may not fit in so well with the DELTA, CROSS, CIRCLE and SQUARE concepts, but still deserve to be shown off in the right perspective.

Our Minis are the perfect addition for an attractive, uniform look on the magnetic board.

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We’ll show you what the MEGA magnets can do.

The MEGA magnets are extremely versatile. Whether it’s practical use at the workstation or at home, or purely for pleasure and decoration, the possibilities are endless.

Find a few examples in our WorklifeExperts blog. And remember: joy shared is joy doubled. MEGA magnets are the perfect creative gift idea!

Magnets for ideas
Mega Magnets