Cutting instruments

Precise cuts and safe use

Our range of practical cutting instruments is defined by high-quality workmanship and optimal functionality.

Choose the right product for your creative project or your everyday work. Our premium products are perfect for hobby or household use, in logistics or the skilled trades.

We put our collective expertise and years of experience in manufacturing professional cutting machines into selecting excellent materials and sophisticated production processes for our DAHLE cutting instruments.

The DAHLE range guarantees perfection with every cut!

DAHLE 10611

Cutting instruments for universal use

Our wide selection includes both office cutting equipment and cutting instruments for hobby or creative use. In addition to scissors and knives, we offer a range of products that make it easier and more convenient to precisely cut a variety of materials. All DAHLE products feature high-quality workmanship and meet highest standards of safety.

Cutting instruments for precision cuts

Choose the right cutting instrument for your purposes. Whether you want to cut soft materials such as paper, cardboard or foil, or harder materials such as plastic objects, cables or carpets – our range includes the right cutting instrument for your project.

Scissors for office and household use

Choose the perfect product from our wide range of scissors for different user groups and applications. From plastic scissors for very young users to all-purpose scissors for household tasks, all our DAHLE scissors are manufactured to highest standards and comfortable to handle.

Robust cutters for hobbyists and professional users

DAHLE cutters are available with snap-off or trapeze blades and allow you to precisely cut a wide range of materials. Ergonomic grips make them especially comfortable to handle.

Crafting knives for your creative projects

Disposable scalpels are perfect as crafting knives where delicate cuts are required. Their blades remain sharp for a long time and facilitate precise working, while practical plastic grips ensure they lie comfortably in your hand.
For your safety, the blades come shrink-wrapped.

Durable cutting mats and crafting mats

Our self-healing cutting mats made of high-quality plastic enable you to work comfortably with cutters or crafting knives. Helpful format lines are printed onto both sides of the mat and make it easier to select formats and angles for your creative project. Choose from a variety of mat sizes.

DAHLE cutting rulers – practical assistants for straight cuts

Measuring and cutting to the millimetre is easy and safe with our high-quality aluminium cutting rulers. A cutting guard prevents injuries when making precision cuts, and the anti-slip strip on the underside of the ruler ensures a firm grip on any material.

Professional cutting instruments from the specialist

DAHLE cutting instruments are perfect for crafting at home, in school or at kindergarten, or for cutting in the office or workshop. Discover functional professional products in outstanding quality for universal use.

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