Now it's enough: no more back pain in the office


There are problem zones not only on the beach but also in the office: Here the back makes us often. Particularly people who work mainly in sitting are affected. In fact, about 30% of all sick leave cases in the office are responsible for the backs. That does not have to be so! Many of the complaints can be avoided by small changes in everyday life.
Anatomically speaking, the human back is a very delicate design that almost surprises it at all. If an engineer had developed his back, he would probably have been fired immediately. However, the back reliably performs a variety of functions as long as it is treated well. Its central element is the spine. It ensures the necessary stability. At the same time, it also provides a high degree of mobility to the back. The individual vertebral bodies also protect the spinal cord, which is very sensitive to injuries. Without a permanent overload, the complex system works flawlessly.

But we do a lot of things wrong in everyday life - with back pain as a result.

Five sins for the back, which you should absolutely avoid!


Sin 1: Crossed legs have many side effects. They lead to reduced blood circulation, bruises of nerves and ligaments, and an oblique pelvic position, which has a negative effect on the back. Therefore, you should place your legs on the ground and stretch the spine.

Sin 2: The telephone terminal, that is, the handset when talking with the ear and shoulder should be avoided. Otherwise, neck problems are pre-programmed! Simply switch on the loudspeaker or put on the headset, then the shoulders and neck stay relaxed. 

Sin 3: A major problem in the office day is often the lack of ergonomic orientation of the office chair. Bend forward and do not turn the back! Just sitting and leaning back is much healthier. Also, it is good for your back to change frequently the seat position.

Sin 4: The monitor should be positioned so that you do not have to turn your head to look at the screen. Otherwise, the cervical spine and the back are unnecessarily strong. The Novus display holders are ideal for an optimal sitting position, Eg from the LifTEC series, with which the monitor can be flexibly positioned in any position.

Sin 5: Last but not least, the wrong arm posture can be a reason for back pain. The chair should be set at a height so that you have a horizontal arm posture at the front and the keyboard is placed so that the wrists do not buckle upwards.

The short program for the office against back pain

Of course, you can also actively prevent back pain by doing enough exercise and moving well in the office. At this point, we would like to introduce three easy exercises, which are recommended by the technicians' health insurance for breaks in the office.


An exercise for neck and neck. Put your hands relaxed on your thighs.


1. Head slowly turn to the right and lift the chin - inhale.

2. Head straight and lean forward - exhale.

3. Turn the head to the left and lift the chin - inhale.

Slowly execute all head movements!


Shoulder circles

Loosens the shoulder strap. Let the arms hang and then lay the hands relaxed on the thighs.

1. Take shoulders forwards.

2. Raise shoulders and move backwards - inhale.

3. Shoulders drop - exhale.

Muscle pusher

For the lumbar spine. Just sit down on the chair. 

1. Place your hands behind your back.

2. Press the hands against the back by tensing the abdominal and buttocks - inhale.

3. Relax muscles and release pressure - exhale.

If you take our tips into consideration and do some relaxation exercises for the back, you will soon be less likely to struggle with back pain in the office!

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