Instructions for a confetti card

Confetti card for Mother’s Day

Every mother likes flowers on Mother’s Day, but there are many other ways to show your mum how much she means to you. For example with a home-made Mother’s Day card.

My name is Lisa, and I write about DIY on Visit my blog for plenty of fresh crafting ideas with easy-to-follow instructions. Of course I also have suggestions for various holidays, and today I’ve developed an idea for Mother’s Day for Novus DAHLE: my confetti card with a lot of heart.

This idea is suitable even for very young crafters, and it also offers space for a few personal words. The confetti is home-made out of coloured paper and magazines using the perforator from Novus. The advantage: you can choose whatever colours you like for your Mother’s Day card. The card itself is also completely home-made using the different heads for the DAHLE rotary trimmer. Older children can implement this idea all on their own; smaller children can prepare the confetti while a parent or sibling helps cut out the card.




1. First, you’ll need some confetti. Take your coloured paper and old magazines and use the perforator to cut out confetti. You’ll need about a child’s handful of confetti for one card. I always punch holes along the full length of the edge of the paper, then trim that edge off and repeat the process. The B 230 by Novus also lets you perforate several layers of paper at once.





2. Now cut a normal piece of paper into a heart.





3. Spread glue onto your heart and sprinkle on the confetti. You can push the confetti around a little bit if there are any gaps.





4. Let the heart dry and then shake off any loose confetti.





5. Now take your construction paper (or thick paper) and fold it using the folding head. Line the edge up with the upper edge of the rotary trimmer to ensure that your fold is straight.




6. Use the rotary trimmer to cut your card. I folded mine and cut it directly into its final format. The units on the rotary trimmer will help you cut the card precisely to size. If you intend to put it into an envelope, remember to make the card a little smaller than the envelope. The standard card size is 10.5 x 14.8 cm.





7. Now use craft glue to stick your heart onto the finished card.





Have fun with this craft project!