Bronchitis als Bürkrankheit

Cough until the doctor comes:

With bronchitis is not to joke! It usually starts like a normal cold. You cough, have a cold, feel weak and get a fever, headaches and limbs. So far so good. But if the cough grows harder and the chest feels painful, the alarm bells should ring slowly. For this can easily develop into a developed bronchitis.

Guilt of a bronchitis are mostly viruses, which attack the already weakened bronchi. In a normal cold this is often past two weeks. If it takes longer, however, the cold threatens to become chronic and you should in any case visit a doctor! Once the bronchitis is settled, you have a long time to deal with it!

Krankheiten im Büro vermeiden

Avoid irritation

Of course, the office is not responsible for the development of bronchitis. However, it is a place where many people meet - so the risk of infection is particularly great.

Once it is time, the disease is fostered by different stimulus factors, which should be avoided in the office. We have some tips at hand!

• Always keep your offices well ventilated, so it is difficult for viruses.

• Plant indoor plants to improve the indoor climate and strengthen your health.

• Non-smoking offices should no longer be an issue these days

Bronchitis does not always need to be strong drugs

If, despite all the precautions, bronchitis is still to be created, it is possible - especially in the early days - to provide relief with established household remedies. (Should the complaints nevertheless continue, a doctor's visit is necessary in any case!):

Hausmittel gegen Bronchitis

1. Onion juice: Cut 2 onions into small pieces and add to a closable container together with honey. Place the glass in the oven at medium heat. Rake as soon as the juice from the onion has run and put in the refrigerator overnight. Does not sound very tasty? Three tablespoons a day can really work miracles!

2. Herbal teas, such as thyme, sage or fennel soothe the neck. They also have a beneficial effect on the inflammation. You should drink 2-3 liters of it daily!

3. Inhaling also has a positive effect on the respiratory tract. Cook 2-3 liters of water and add 2-3 tablespoons of herbs (aniseed, fennel, mint, ...) or an essential oil (peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, ..). Inhaled once or twice daily by holding your head over the vessel and placing a towel over your head.

4. Saline solutions have almost a more positive effect in the case of bronchitis than herbs and essential oils. For this you have to dissolve about 9 grams of cooking salt in one liter of water. With the aid of a so-called "nebuliser", which you get in the pharmacy, you can inhale the steam directly.

Bronchitis is not the only disease typical of the office. In our online magazine, you will also learn what you can do if your eyes can also be used for hours of screen work, stress can no longer be switched off or you suffer from frequent headaches.


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