Evergreens: Plants for the office

Have a look at your office. How many plants can you count? A? Two? Absolutely none? Then it is high time for more green! This gives you a proper motivation thrust, because the fresh contrast to the gray monitor awakens your eyes.

Im Büro gibt es verschiedenste Feinstaub-Verursacher

And not only that: plants improve the room air equally. They have a great filter performance and also increase the humidity.

In the office, there are a variety of particulate matter polluters. Printer, fax & co. In the same way, through the air, fine dust comes into the interior - especially when your office is located on a busy road. In the winter, when the heating is on permanent use, and by the heating much humidity is lost, same plants do this. You'll see: With a few Evergreens in the office, you feel much better!

Plants in the office should not be nurturing. After all, not everyone has a green thumb and there will probably be a little thirst, which the plant has to overcome.

The right plant

1. Bowfeed

The bow hemp filters the air with its large leaves. He also gets up and takes care of a certain "Urban Jungle Feeling" in the office. The desert plant is just something for people who are not blessed with a green thumb. It simply adapts to the room conditions.


2. Ivy

Ivy has many advantages. As an evergreen, very cultivated plant, it quickly transforms every space into a green oasis through its power of growth. The air-filtering effect is available free of charge; Ivy is among the plants that are particularly effective here. It filters formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and acetone. Formaldehyde is found, for example, Eg in many products used in interior spaces: floor coverings, furniture and textiles.

3. Green lily

As found in a study, the green lily filters out particularly well formaldehyde from the air. According to the Nasa study, the green lily can reduce the formaldehyde content by 90% within 24 hours. Located in offices, classrooms and other interiors, the clean plant can provide better air.

4. Birkenfeige

The Birkenfeige, rather known as Ficus Benjamina or only Benjamin, is a true classic. Practically, the Birkenscheige also belongs to the plants, which improve the room air and thus contribute to health. Caution: Anyone suffering from latex allergy should avoid the birch pigeon.

5. Chrysanthemums

They are the colored representatives of the air purifying plants. Chrysanthemums. Nice to look at and even practical helpers to provide us with pure air. If you have an office dog, you should choose another plant. For animals, chrysanthemums are very poisonous!

That is not enough for you yet? In addition, you can improve the room air in your office when you place an air purifier. To be as effective as possible, it should be equipped with a fine dust particle filter! You want to know more about fine dust in the office? Then take a look here: Health risks Printers and copiers, Dangerous microparticles