Expert interviews: The right diet in the office

Who does not know that? In the morning quickly a small breakfast - and from 10 clock the hunger already with an unpleasant grumble in the stomach, which distracts us from the work. What can we eat to keep us fed up longer? Is there a good trick in the afternoon to not fall into the "snack trap"? We have once asked Marc Rohde, founder of ELBSPRINT and expert when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

Worklife Experts: The healthy diet is often too short in the office. How do I start the day best and stay as long as possible?

Marc: Just as it fits everyone, completely individually. Everyone has different behaviors and habits. This will not change a short text on the Internet. Nevertheless, we all have to provide a "machine" - our body. This works similar to a car. That needs oil, water and gasoline. In the body, these macronutrients are called carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We could take this to ourselves. So sugar, protein and oil. But it does not taste. Fortunately, there are plenty of foods that allow us to feed in varied ways: as meat eaters, vegetarians or vegans. In the end, only the supply of nutrients counts to be efficient.

My perfect breakfast looks like this:

1. Eggs: All amino acids are contained in eggs, they saturate for a long time and consist of the components that my muscles need to grow. Just after one night without nutrients and food intake is recommended. Caution: Eggs do not get an elevated cholesterol level. Transfettes of all kinds and too much animal fat in general are often the cause.

2. Berries and grains: Very suitable due to a little fruit. Best with a muesli consisting exclusively of nuts and seeds. Sweetened with me with Agavendicksaft. As an alternative to yoghurt I eat Skyr. Very, very delicious and again a bit of protein.

3. Seed bread: I just can not do without bread-like. However, the baking materials and additives of the baking industry may not be the case. Therefore, I avoid bread from supermarkets. "You are what you eat" is my principle, so I bake the bread myself.

Worklife Experts: Here a snack as a snack. Often you do not get right to eat or have in the afternoon but then again hungry. How do I handle the snack trap?

Marc: Let's go back to breakfast. Many people just drink a coffee to get up. It was then until lunch. But many have to perform hours before. (Incidentally, the brain burns almost 50% of the total energy through its mental processes in the case of strong cognitive performance.) Madness, is not it?).

Many people refrain from saying, "This is too early, I do not have any hunger" for breakfast. So far so good. If one takes something within the first 60 minutes after being awake, if only a hand almond, the body can become active. If a good lunch is waived, either the mold is paired with great fatigue, or the chocolate counters are plundered. The body sucks and makes sure that he survives - in which he makes you want to be sweet: his personal favorite fuel, since this can be used immediately and without great work as a source of energy. The sugar that is most readily available thus provides for a quick remedy. Let's call it the "Strohfeuer." The energy supplied is burned like a flash, and the next heat-hunger pack is on.

Also the argument "I do not come to lunch." Does not convince. It is and remains an excuse. A good remedy is to plan your entire week with the main meal times and take the food ready (or as good as it gets) to work. At work you only have to make the food warm. When the time is short, a vegetable curry with tofu and natural rice goes even cold. One of my Favourites.

Worklife Experts: And are there also snacks that are allowed?

At this point you can see in many eyes the wish that I say "chocolate goes also", but unfortunately does not happen, whereby in a stressful situation a high-quality 90% chocolate can really make happy , but it can also be used as a foodstuff, but it can be used as a foodstuff.

So it is worth to look again, what you eat so day by day. Thanks for the interview, Marc!

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