Fit for Work

Time runs, the customer pushes, at the desk the hell is loose ... Quite relaxed in the here and now? Who can do that today? For most people, relaxation is much too short in everyday life. Stress can motivate us and enable us to achieve high performance. But there must also be a balance so that the stress does not paralyze or make us sick. We have collected the best tips for you to get as relaxed as possible through everyday life and to be able to switch off during the lunch break, to get new strength for the afternoon!

Relaxed by the working day

If the work is already stacked in the office and the colleague also brings new files and tasks, the stress level rises in seconds. It is said to keep a cool head and not lose sight of the overview. An important prerequisite for this is a well-organized and tidy workplace. Whoever can only be able to distinguish between files and computers, will surely not feel comfortable in his skin. Therefore you should make your workplace so that you feel good.

In addition, it is of course absolutely helpful to work out a few relaxation techniques for the workplace. So you can recharge your energy at the desk - and this in seconds!

• Stretching and Stretching: Sit down, lift your arms, breathe in and stretch your arms as far back as you can. Slowly stretch and hold for about five seconds.

• Loosen tense shoulders: Place both hands on the shoulders and circle back and forth with your elbows.

• Time out for the eyes: Warm your hands by rubbing them gently. Put your hands on the closed eyes for a minute.

• Gym training: lift the forehead as far as possible and then inflate the cheeks properly. Keep short and yawn extensively.

Let's have lunch

Even the Duracell bunny does not run forever. Under time pressure, the temptation is great to work through. But breaks are indispensable to concentrate and remain powerful. Our tips for the lunch break in order to start well-recovered and powerful in the second half of the day!

• Change of location: You should leave your workplace best and either eat in a canteen, a break room or eat out. This creates distance and changes the viewing angle.

• Fresh air: tear open the window and breathe deeply. Or better still - go outside and go for a walk. The movement causes tension; Oxygen refueling is a miracle.

• Healthy diet: calorie-rich and fat-rich food is slow. Eat more of whole grain products, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Drinking is particularly important - at least 1.5 to 2.5 liters per day.

• Lightning relaxation in the big cities: Whether it is spa massages, yoga or mobile relaxation services, in the big cities there are already some relaxation offers for the lunch break. Some tips can be found here or you can check out the website of the respective city.


The workday is done and off on the sofa? A tempting thought. But there are so many other possibilities for a filled and relaxed evening. All you need is fun, so you have more of your evening!

• Slip into leisure clothes right after the evening of work. This helps the head realize that now is the end of the work.

• Plan something you are looking forward to. And if it's just something small: a full bath, a meal, a meeting with a dear person ... Just let it go!

• Maintain your social contacts and be distracted by your friends. Laughing together and being active, the thoughts are no longer circling around the work.

• Remove as far as possible from the TV, computer and smartphone. Technical devices often increase negative feelings and exhaustion. Activity, creativity and relaxation help to reduce stress. Or for sports? This is the best way to motivate yourself after a long working day!

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