Healthy makes fit - 5 tips for healthy eating in the office


How successful we are in our profession depends clearly on our performance; and which in turn is crucial from our diet. Did you know that about 15 percent of a person's daily energy needs are consumed by the brain alone? Therefore a balanced diet is essential! But now hand on heart: Do you eat healthy? Healthy food is absolutely hip. But Superfood there is not at the kiosk next door and most is nevertheless quite preparatory. There you can easily forget the good intentions in the hustle and bustle of office life. We have collected five tips for you to integrate your healthy food into your daily work routine.

Tip 1: Well prepared to start working week

According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), only 47% of the employed persons have access to a canteen. Even these are not always a guarantee for healthy meals. So if you want to miss the kiosk trap, it is recommended to prepare small intermediate meals or, if necessary, the lunch itself. Too expensive? No, more of a question of the organization. Create a folder of simple and healthy recipes for intermediate meals and lunch breaks. For this you will also find many recipes and suggestions online, Eg to 50 office recipes. You can even have regular recipes sent via WhatsApp. So at the beginning of the week, you can assemble a collection from your collection, shop for it and then prepare it day by day.









Tip 2: Fitmaking breakfast

A hasty start in the morning often goes through the entire working day. Even if you have to get up for 10 minutes earlier: Breakfast rich and nutritious, in peace and no hassle, still at home. If you have so little value on the breakfast so far, just try it out for a week. You will notice that you will be satisfied longer and your performance increases. The most healthy for the head and body is a breakfast consisting of wholemeal bread or muesli with milk / yoghurt and fruit. Thus, the brain is continuously supplied with the required sugar energy throughout the morning and does not even come up with the idea of ​​calling for a chocolate bar.


Tip 3: Energizing lunch

After a balanced breakfast, an energetic, but not too fat lunch should follow. Tasty fit instead of delicious is the motto. Whether in the canteen or self-prepared: salad, vegetables, potatoes, whole-grain pasta / rice or bread, lean meat or fish once or twice a week, lean cheese, herbal quark or yoghurt and also an egg at noon. It is also important that you do not enjoy the food at your workplace, but at a different place, Eg in the canteen, in the lounge or in the fresh air. A locomotion helps to turn off!

Tip 4: Do not forget to drink

To drink a healthy diet is essential. For those who eat healthy, but do not drink enough, will be weaker. At least 1.5 liters should be an adult daily drink - preferably water, tea or fruit scabs. Our tip: Drink approximately one glass per hour, so you can easily get on the recommended daily allowance.

Tip 5: Superfood for between

In the afternoon, however, he often takes a stand - the sweetheart. About three hours after lunch, the blood glucose level drops, and the body requires rapid energy. But what is the ideal snack for between? Fruit and vegetables naturally contribute to a fast and healthy kick and should be prepared daily. In addition, we recommend you "Superfood" - these are foods with a comparatively high nutrient content, Dried berries and nuts. They can be easily taken to the office, simply stored (since they last a long time) and ensure a healthy energy boost. You can also find information about Superfood online, B. To optimize your diet in the office with Superfoods.

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