Where has the time been?

Everything speaks for time management.

It is always astonishing to hear that in our supposedly structured world of work, a whole lot of valuable working time is simply wasted. One of the main reasons for this is the so-called "time-eaters", which you meet again and again in office space. They lurk in all corners and ends, and usually lead an existence in secret. But at the end of the day one wonders why one has come to nothing again today and possibly even overtime, even though the day had begun so promisingly.

Manage time management at meetings

As always, the devil is in the details. Time guzzlers can be quite normal processes and activities, which in a simple form are even work facilities or pleasant changes from the office day. If they grow over their heads, however, they will save time. A lot of time that is urgently needed to do important tasks!

Time guzzlers lurk everywhere, you just have to recognize them.

A survey of the online portal Gründerszene.de has shown that time-takers not only result for personal reasons, but also from normal activities, which are even necessary in office days.

A lot of time that is urgently needed to do important tasks! Time guzzlers lurk everywhere, you just have to recognize them.

Among the most common are personal and general unstructuredness, social media as well as general surfing on the Internet, phone calls, e-mails and more contentless meetings. It is noticeable that the communication is by far the largest. It is however an important part of the office work, that is, so completely to do without communication does not go. But you can reduce it to what is necessary! Luckily, we are not unconditionally at the mercy of timekeepers; there are ways to protect them. Strategies against time-eaters:

If you are working on a really important task, you should retreat as much as possible. Simply redirect the phone or answer an answering machine, no longer read every e-mail, close the door, or go to a room that is not visited frequently. Already you can concentrate on your project.

We look forward to your suggestions! Self-imposed rules of time management can help to waste less time.

Internal Conventions: When you work with several employees, sign for the situation that you do not want to be disturbed. This can be certain times or closing the door.

Self-commitment: Especially for communicating via social media and hassling on the Internet, you should impose certain restrictions, so that you do not get bogged down. It is best to be present at certain times on the web or on Facebook and other channels. Keep in mind that you are not too strict, but not too generous with you, and you will see that you suddenly have to make much less overtime.

File Shredding - Save time with the right technology.

Technology: There are, of course, other ways to show the Red Card to the time-eaters by using the achievements of modern technology to shorten and simplify time-consuming activities. A good example of this is the convenient Dahle Autofeeder for document shredding with automatic paper feed. Especially with larger paper volumes, you save a lot of time, because you do not have to laboriously insert each sheet individually, but you can use the free minutes for other things while the car feeder reliably performs its work.