Where is the motivation for sport?

After a long day of work, getting up and going to the gym is hard for many. No wonder, finally, after a busy day, the couch attracts the couch ... The refrigerator offers a large portion of ice cream ... And then it is already after ten. Way too late!

How do I best motivate myself? We have asked Marc Rohde, fitness experts at Elbsprint, and learned a lot of good things!

Marc: There are also very different types of people, which have to be motivated differently. I count you a few tricks, as one can best be the best. I think everyone will find here which of the tips is the right one for him:

1. Place sport on a binding date.

You can plan the sport quite well. A course has fixed times, a training session usually 90 minutes. Make sure that you are binding in the weekly schedule and also look at this date as well. Prepare yourself well. Take your sportswear with you and feed the sports unit appropriately. Drink enough and then look for sufficient rest.

Or would you go into a presentation without Powerpoint and laptop?

2. Exercise before work or take sportswear into the company.

Here the spirits separate. The one can be great in the morning gas, for the other it is the horror presentation par excellence, morning sports. I am sure that every reader knows what is good for him. A tip, if you bring the sports things to work: NEVER put them in the trunk, but always on the passenger seat. You know why!

3. Talk to a friend about the workout. The following applies: Cancellation does not apply! 1 x Cancellation makes 200 Liegestützen. Already pulls her on the same line and the Sportdate remains binding.

4. Personal training or in a small group Personal trainers are worth booking. Between 75-200 € per hour everything is there. If that's a lot to do and who prefer sports in the group, here is an absolute secret tip: You can book a trainer with a small group (5-10 persons) at a fixed time. 10-15 € per unit and you have the coach where you want, with the people of his choice. At the same time you are still in the fresh air, you can get rid of the Büromief and take a deep breath.

5. Positive thinking "I still have to go to the sport". "With this attitude, you do not win a flowerpot, or lose your superfluous pounds." Trainers and we learn new skills for my running technique together. "No matter how you put it, it should always sound positive, only replacing your old, musty beliefs with new, positive and motivating thoughts.

For my part, I have been looking forward for almost 30 years to know that I am healthy and have the opportunity to get me in every tight calendar. Also a short 10-minute unit provides for me for relaxation. And proud! It's because I've managed to recognize what's really good for me.


It is not particularly difficult to find 10 minutes a day for a small sports unit. They always exist when we are honest. The main focus should be to listen to his inner voice and then to feel an improvement in the condition. Sport does not always have to be painful, not always only peak performance, not always fight and battle. Sports do well and deepen sleep, relieve pain, and you might look better soon than you could have dreamed of.

The bad thing is, as long as you sit on the sofa, you can not even imagine that you should be fitter with even more movement. The fatigue overcomes a yes already ...

You can trust me - conclude the contract with you and try it for 4 weeks, 3 x per week 75 min of sport. More or less. There is almost nothing that can make a person happier!

If you would like to know more about this, please contact me: infonoSpam@elbsprint.de

More information at: www.elbsprint.de

Now go fast!

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