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The Charm of Coworking Space

Do you work for yourself and miss the social aspect of working in an office? Or have you just set up your own business and find it too expensive at the moment to have your own office space? Imagine if you could walk into a spacious and modern open-plan office tomorrow. You would have your own desk and the same freedom and independence as working in a home office, but you would be working in a dynamic, creative and inspiring atmosphere. And all around you would be sitting like-minded people, with whom you could interact and even support each other where necessary. Is this just a dream? No, it's a coworking space! These can be found in all cities, as well as in some smaller towns and in the country. There are an estimated 18,000 coworking spaces of all different sizes worldwide and this number is set to increase.

For whom do coworking spaces make sense?

Coworking spaces provide a desk and the associated infrastructure such as internet, printer, telephone, projector and meeting rooms for a fixed period of time. You can rent your own permanent workstation in a coworking space, which you don't have to share with anyone else, or you can rent a flexible workstation, which you only use on certain working days as required. There is no such thing as a typical coworker – coworking is taking hold in many different industries and professions. However, working in a coworking space is particularly suitable for:

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  • Start-ups 
  • New businesses 
  • Freelancers 
  • Bloggers 
  • Students 
  • Sidepreneurs 
  • Digital nomads 
  • Project teams from various different companies

What are the advantages and risks of coworking spaces?

Obviously, each individual will have their own requirements of a place of work. Those who have already visited a coworking space will know about the other advantages, as well as the exceptional atmosphere:

1.Professional facilities: As well as an ergonomic workstation [] and a coffee machine, most coworking spaces also offer business addresses and meeting and conference rooms.
2.Technical infrastructure: From classic equipment including printers and scanners to additional screens and desktop PCs, there is a wide variety of equipment on offer, as well as a secure internet connection for B2B and B2C communications.
3.Plenty of flexibility: The workstations can be booked spontaneously or for short and long periods and can also be cancelled at any time.
4.Good cost efficiency: Coworkers only pay for the time they use the workstation.
5.Networking & community: Many different contacts can be made in a coworking space, leading to a professional network from which everyone can benefit.

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Coworking brings people and skills together and supports the entrepreneurial spirit. There is often a very special kind of atmosphere in this space, in which the potential for synergy is fully exploited and there are high levels of motivation and productivity. There are also risks involved of course. There are set costs which you would not have to pay in a home office, for example, and noise levels are always relatively high in an open-plan office. In addition, coworking spaces can unfortunately also be mistaken for a “cool place to be”.

Try it for yourself!

To find out whether coworking is for you, it’s best just to try it for yourself. It’s important to be clear in advance about what you want from your workstation, the equipment and infrastructure you need and the budget you are able to invest. You can already do an online comparison of the services and prices offered by various providers in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Before deciding on a particular provider, you should make sure you arrange a meeting on site. That way you can experience the atmosphere for yourself. Many coworking spaces even offer free trial sessions. We hope you enjoy discovering an inspiring work experience!

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